30th July 2013: Uranus Under Pressure

by Sarah on 30/07/2013


Keep on Keeping On


Sarah Varcas


As we approach the month end feelings may be running high and tensions sharpening the air around us. For the coming few days Uranus is especially under pressure from Mars and Pluto forming a T Square, and Venus and the North Node forming a Yod. In many ways these are very different energies, the former more explosive than the latter, and the latter more creative than the former, however, combined they create a powerful force with which we must contend in the coming days.

Once again the pressure cooker scenario comes to mind. We may feel ourselves being pulled this way and that, squeezed through suffocating situations which feel oppressive to the extreme, and desperate to once and for all throw off the things in life which limit and bind us. Which is quite handy, really, because as uncomfortable as all that may feel, we do have an opportunity now to break free from some old limitations if we choose to.

Chances are the real issue here is one of emotion and how we manage it. This seems to be the theme these days, with Grand Trines in Water continuing to lap upon our shores. No matter how difficult the externals of a situation may be, it is our emotional reaction to it which largely dictates how well we navigate it. If we allow emotions to rise up unfettered and rule the day we can so easily lose the very focus that we need more than ever to find our way through. If, on the other hand, we refuse to acknowledge our emotions we lose touch with an instinctive part of us which has enormously valuable information to share. Finding the middle ground can be tough and takes practice. We may fail over and over, but the wonderful thing is, in the dance with our emotions we can always begin again.

And it is that beginning again which features strongly in the coming days. We may find ourselves thrown off track, encountering unexpected obstacles or faced with the behaviour of others which disrupts our own path. We may be full of emotion, and I’m not talking the pleasant, cosy, loving kind! Anger, indignation, frustration may be our companions now, and we are being challenged to find new ways to deal with them which allows us to keep moving forward even as we process the stresses that we face.

It is vital now, that we keep on keeping on. The cosmos is alive with energy. It’s truly buzzing and we need to stay on the move for that energy to be used in the most positive way. There’s no point leaving our car revving in the drive when we’ve filled it with fuel and we need to get somewhere. Yes, there may be diversions and dead ends on the way, and the sat nav may even give up the ghost leaving us to our map reading skills, but we still need to be on the move towards our destination.

Which is why being able to begin again when it comes to managing our emotions is so important. If we get thrown off course, blocked or challenged en route, we face the prospect of being totally thrown by the power of our emotions right now. It’s important we don’t allow that to happen. Yes we need to acknowledge and feel them. Yes they may have important information for us to take into account as we move forward, but we need to be the boss and not allow them to blind us to the potential of the moment. So the cosmic advice for the coming few days is this: ‘Give your emotions space. Feel them. Have a bit of rant or a cry. Scribble them out in your journal or dance them out in your garden. Do what’s necessary to move through them and then move on. No emotion as so important now that it should be given precedence over progress’.

Here’s wishing everyone a positive day.

Sarah Varcas

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