7th April 2016: New Moon in Aries

by Sarah Varcas 5 April 2016

      Knowing When We Don’t Know By Sarah Varcas   The Moon is new in the 19th degree of Aries at 11:25 a.m. UT. This is a transformative Moon, conjunct Uranus – bringer of the unexpected – and squared by Pluto – lord of death and rebirth in equal measure. We may find […]

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February 2016 Astro-Energy Report

by Sarah Varcas 1 February 2016

      Wake up and Smell The Coffee! by Sarah Varcas   February may feel a lot more like the start of a new year than January did! With Mercury retrograde through much of last month we may have been busy tying up loose ends, sorting through matters that we thought were done and […]

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28th / 29th January – 14th April 2016: Asteroid Ceres in Pisces

by Sarah Varcas 25 January 2016

      Divine Timing By Sarah Varcas   Asteroid Ceres enters Pisces at 6:40 p.m. UT on 28th January 2016. Ceres, goddess of grain, brings us nourishment and protection. She feeds our body, mind and spirit, nurturing us to become our fullest, most authentic selves. She honours the cycles of life: the dark barrenness […]

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20th / 21st October 2015: Waxing Quarter Moon in Capricorn

by Sarah Varcas 13 October 2015

      Unique and Unified By Sarah Varcas   The Quarter Moon occurs in the 28th degree of Capricorn at 8:32 PM UT on 20th October. She speaks of the creative power of emotional connection with others and highlights relationships through which we become greater than the sum of our individual parts. Waxing to full […]

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25th September 2015 – 18th March 2016: Pluto Direct in Capricorn

by Sarah Varcas 22 September 2015

      A Mind Made New By Sarah Varcas   Pluto has been retrograde in Capricorn since mid April, encouraging a more grounded approach to life in which drama and stress are no longer prerequisites for change. In doing so it has revealed the ever-present potential for transformation no matter how mundane the moment […]

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24th/25th September – 12th/13th November 2015: Mars in Virgo

by Sarah Varcas 22 September 2015

      Discerning the Details By Sarah Varcas   As Mars enters Virgo its energy becomes laser-like. Relinquishing the bluster of Leo’s unyielding self-assurance, it becomes more careful, attending to details previously overlooked and honouring the beauty of each minuscule part rather than the magnificence of the whole. Neither way is better than the […]

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8th/9th August – 24th/25th September 2015: Mars in Leo

by Sarah Varcas 5 August 2015

      On Making Dreams Come True By Sarah Varcas   Mars enters Leo at 23:33 GMT on 8th August, offering a boost of confidence before we head into the industrious transit of Jupiter in Virgo. At first we may miss the illumination of solar fire on offer throughout Jupiter’s journey through Leo. Its […]

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22nd / 23rd July – 23rd August 2015: Sun in Leo

by Sarah Varcas 20 July 2015

  Image: Berto Voigt   Here Comes the Sun! (and I say… it’s alright) By Sarah Varcas   As the Sun shifts from gentle and reclusive Cancer into confident, boisterous Leo – followed hot on its heels by Mercury – we can all come out of our shells a bit if we want to! As […]

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18th / 19th – 31st July 2015: Venus in Virgo

by Sarah Varcas 14 July 2015

  Image: “Echo Chamber” by Gary Rosenberg   The Creation Game By Sarah Varcas   Venus enters Virgo at 10:39 pm GMT on 18th July. In preparation for her retrograde journey (beginning on 25th July) she’s moving slowly, remaining in Virgo’s first degree before returning to Leo. When a planet lingers in a degree before […]

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3rd – 19th July 2015: Pluto Oppositions

by Sarah Varcas 30 June 2015

  Image: “Transfigured” by Gary Rosenberg   The Power of Pluto’s Presence By Sarah Varcas   During this period Pluto first opposes the Sun (3rd – 9th), then Mars (11th – 19th) and simultaneously Mercury (14th – 17th). When Pluto’s about, power games are rife. We extend supreme efforts to control the world around us, […]

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