8th/9th August – 24th/25th September 2015: Mars in Leo

by Sarah on 05/08/2015


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On Making Dreams Come True


Sarah Varcas

Mars enters Leo at 23:33 GMT on 8th August, offering a boost of confidence before we head into the industrious transit of Jupiter in Virgo. At first we may miss the illumination of solar fire on offer throughout Jupiter’s journey through Leo. Its warmth and encouragement has enabled many to pick themselves up and dust themselves off after the challenge of the Uranus/Pluto square which made its final statement back in March. The buoyancy of Jupiter in Leo tones down as it enters Virgo, but with Mars taking up the cause for a while longer we’re supported in making the transition without too much trouble.

Mars in Leo radiates warmth and light in much the same way as Jupiter, but its emphasis is on action rather than simply expansion. Jupiter in any sign will happily immerse itself in the prevalent energies, growing ever greater as it does so. In fiery Leo it can inflate inspiration with little effort, in watery Cancer the emotions become ever more prevalent, in earthy Taurus it increases material resources as it goes. Jupiter’s action comes naturally without great effort. It simply does what it does, magnifying the energies wherever it finds itself. Mars, on the other hand, wants to act on its environment, use the energy as fuel to make its mark, foster progress and engage with focused intent.

Having Mars in Leo on our side right now is a great boost if we have things to kick-start and people to get on board with our plans. Just because what most excites us isn’t a universal priority doesn’t mean people won’t help out if we ask. Likewise they may have their own pet projects to which we can add some extra verve in return. Inspiration can be contagious and Mars in Leo reminds us we each have our own priorities, equally significant and invested with hope. Everyone’s heart sings to something, but if we listen only to our own melody we deny ourselves the beauty of companionship on the path to fulfilment. Getting folk on board in a mutually beneficial alliance can forge powerful connections that help everyone out and lead us all in the right direction.

This notion of moving forward together is increasingly important. We cannot further this planetary evolution without our joining forces and acting as one when we can. The in-coming Aquarian Age demands that we relinquish hierarchy for equality, power for co-operation and control for respect. Mars in Leo can further or scupper such ideals depending on the level of consciousness we bring to it. Right now we have the opportunity to join forces with others if we need to, recognising that expertise is not superiority and knowledge is not power, that simple encouragement can be just as valuable as specialist skills and hidden work behind the scenes is not less significant than that done in the glare of the spotlight. We all have something to offer, each and every one of us, no matter who we are. Mars in Leo illuminates our gifts and graces, supporting us to unleash their influence in the world.

As it enters Leo, Mars forms a trine with Saturn in Scorpio reminding us that effective action requires attention to complex dynamics which may shed light on motivations outside our immediate awareness. This alliance questions why we strive to call the shots or shape events. It queries what motivates us to impose our idea of how things should be rather than embracing the ever-changing flow of the present moment. It asks how it feels when things don’t go to plan, when we have to change course unexpectedly or let go of long held dreams to accommodate others. In doing so it illuminates the skill of knowing when to pursue and when to let go, when to rise above the crowd and when to take the crowd with you.

As we embark upon a busy time this energetic planet in a fiery sign fuels our resolve to put plans to the test and see how they pan out in the ‘real’ world. In doing so it asks us to consider the most skilful way to work together, even as we each prioritise differently in our own lives. It’s not essential that we all want the same thing, only that we each recognise and foster the spark of inspiration in another. Manifestation is a group task, a joint venture. It connects us all in a web of creative action and inspired effort. Mars in Leo energises this web and ourselves along with it, inviting us to invest its energy in making our dreams come true.

Sarah Varcas

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