7th August 2014: Understanding Ego

by Sarah on 31/07/2014


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The Path to Truth With a Capital ‘T’


Sarah Varcas

Today Saturn forms a square to the Sun which continues until the other side of the Full Moon, whilst Jupiter and Neptune begin an alliance which continues until 23rd August. Together these aspects serve to entice us deeper into truth and challenge us to unveil yet more of where we skirt around it in order to keep ourselves comfortable and secure. Expansion of consciousness is the name of the game here, and given the nature of the energies around us now, the cosmos will accept few excuses or justifications for not doing the work necessary! It will tolerate even less saying one thing and doing another! The message now is just to knuckle down and get to grips with what it means to be human at a time of such rapid evolution of consciousness. Being here now comes with enormous responsibility alongside great rewards; mind boggling challenges alongside unlimited freedoms.

One of the most complex challenges we face is inherent within these two aspects: that of developing a healthy ego which allows for positive interaction with the world around us whilst not mitigating against the realisation of truths and realities beyond its relatively tiny domain. Whilst ego transcendence is part of a spiritual path, so is healthy ego development. We cannot transcend what is yet to form and premature attempts to become something we’re not can result in all manner of self-deceptions and narcissistic behaviours! We need to become ourselves as individuals, me and you, living our respective lives from our own subjective viewpoints, and do this in a balanced and integrated way, before we can see through the nature of ego in order to discover and embrace the truths which exist beyond it. As human beings we need an effective ego self as much as we do a spiritual self. It comes with the territory!

So as we navigate the sometimes choppy sometimes still waters of this month, we have the opportunity to observe our ego-self in action and see what it’s really up to. A healthy ego sustains and nourishes us. It can speak out when necessary, stay silent when needed. It can secure our own well being without it coming at the cost of other people’s. It recognises that we are all equal and have an equal right to resources, opinions, freedom, and that these things should not be available only to some at the expense of others. And ultimately it tells us that we are okay just as everyone is okay. We’re not better or worse than others. We are who we are and being who we are with integrity and wisdom is where it’s at!!

On the other hand a less healthy ego is motivated by fear; of losing control, of other people (especially those who are different to us), of life itself. An unhealthy ego tells us we are better than others (which helps us mange that vacuum of self acceptance which really exists at our core). It tells us that we must make others do what we want them to do. It tells us we’re right and they’re wrong and never the twain shall meet. An unhealthy ego tells us our view of the world is truth, no matter what experiences, thoughts, feelings and beliefs colour it. It tells us we must fight to survive and others who also want to survive are our enemies. That we can’t all survive so it’s dog eat dog to establish who comes out on top. Sadly, unhealthy and ill-formed egos usually rule the world, and the more of us who can dedicate our lives to increasing ego health the better.

Perhaps the most important thing to bear in mind at this time is this: An unhealthy ego is reactive while a healthy ego is responsive. There’s a big difference. Reactive implies instinctive and without reflection. Responsive implies engaged with our circumstances and environment in a state of dynamic interaction. In the coming weeks we can observe ourselves and decide, are we reacting or responding? This question can bring us back into the present moment to regather our thoughts and feelings. It can keep us on track and provide the perspective necessary for wise action not unconscious reaction.

The whole issue of ego development is a thorny and controversial one, but until we can get to grips with it in our own lives we will never be able to embrace the more liberating truths which seek to be revealed. For only when we are at peace and secure enough in our own skin can we know that transcendence is as much about embodiment as it is about anything else, and we will seek not to escape this human realm but to live it out fully with passion and commitment to Truth with a capital ‘T’.

Sarah Varcas

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