3rd/4th August 2014: Waxing Quarter Moon in Scorpio

by Sarah on 31/07/2014




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Sarah Varcas

The Quarter Moon occurs at fifty-two minutes past midnight on 4th August GMT. All Quarter Moons, whether waxing (prior to a Full Moon) or waning (prior to a New Moon) involve a certain level of tension, as they occur when the Moon squares the Sun. If you think of the Sun as our essential self and will, our individuality and unique presence in the world, the Moon as our instinctive self rooted within the collective energy field, and a square aspect as friction creating a build up in tension which eventually demands release through creative activity and change, you can see why! Essentially, at this point in the Moon’s cycle we are faced with the consequences of wanting to express our conscious self in one way when our intuitive self requires an altogether different expression. The challenge is how to satisfy both, which inevitably entails a certain level of inner and outer friction, but can greatly contribute to honesty and integrity when managed skilfully.

This particular Quarter Moon is especially infused with the challenge to manage our conscious and unconscious selves, our incisive and instinctive selves, our conscious knowledge and felt senses, with great wisdom and care. Failure to do so may result in a lack of integrity and a tendency to edit out the aspects of our being which don’t fit the outcome we’re hoping to achieve. The heavens at this time want us honest and flawed, not censored and feigning perfection. It’s okay to want two opposite things at the same time, agree with opposing points of view or live in two very different worlds. This is how it is to be human: complex, messy, challenging. We can’t just present some cohesive, coherent self to the world at all times and remain vibrant and alive. Sometimes we have to be very different to who we were five minutes ago and that’s okay! This is the message of today’s Quarter Moon.

As you already know, the approaching Full Moon is very powerful and we need to prepare to greet it with hearts wide open to its power. We are being prepared to do exactly that at this point in proceedings. But we must be prepared to endure some discomfort in the process, because to be that open requires a willingness to endure the challenges of being human without jumping to premature solutions which fail to address the root cause of our pain. Openness is as much to suffering as to anything else, for once we can accept our emotional pain, life challenges, disappointments and losses as part of the human condition, we can also grow the strength required to experience them fully, in all their terrible glory, and come out the other side changed and renewed as a result. Sticking a band-aid over them in the form of denial, avoidance or jumping to the quickest solution that comes when we haven’t even penetrated the root cause of the problem, will only ever prolong the agony in the long run and deny us progress further down the line.

Endurance is an essential quality of heart and mind at this time. Life isn’t about to come up roses with never a problem again. We are living at times of such great intensity it really is a case that anything could happen, and simply living with that truth fully embraced and accepted takes endurance! But in embodying such endurance we are already changing the world around us, for we are channelling the energy of fortitude and patience, of strength and wisdom. We are seeing life without the rose-tinted glasses of ‘I can make it all come out right’ and instead from the perspective of preparedness coupled with insight; a state of dynamic peace which acts as a healing presence in the world, no longer needing desired outcomes to keep us happy but instead recognising that amidst even a tragedy peace can be found and our heart can remain open to the possibility of healing and change.

This Quarter Moon occurs as Mars and Neptune form a trine for a week, which takes us up to the Full Moon. This trine is our support; a divine infusion of energy reminding us that once we’re in touch with the true essence of life in all its beauty and horror, pain and pleasure, satisfaction and disappointment, we are in flow and able to respond from a place of dynamic wisdom, not forever trying to shape the world but instead allowing ourselves to be shaped by it, into exactly what we must be to honour the greater and more wholesome good.

Sarah Varcas

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