4th / 5th – 30th December 2015: Venus in Scorpio

by Sarah on 01/12/2015


Venus in Scorpio, Juno in Libra, conscious relationship, facing the shadow, self-acceptance, compassion, deep wisdom, self-knowledge, ego and essence, embracing fear
Image: “Goddess Gaze” by Gary Rosenberg


Safe in the Shadows, Connected in the Light


Sarah Varcas

When Venus enters Scorpio the unconscious becomes a place of safety, not dark shadows to be feared. During her journey through the sign of the Scorpion, Venus bids us enter more deeply into our psyche and soul. In doing so she wills an increasingly intimate relationship with ourselves and others, for we cannot be truly intimate if we resist inner-knowledge and deeper self-revelation.

This Venus is challenging, but Venus only ever challenges us to find the pleasure in a situation, the comfort and security, no matter what that situation might be. She doesn’t throw life up in the air to reveal its dark underbelly but instead takes us into its depths and prepares a soft bed for us there: a table dressed with the finest foods, a room of passionate colours, aromatic fragrances and beautiful sights to behold. She reminds us that the fear we feel, our resistance to the darkness, is born of illusion, for in her company even the scariest recesses of our unconscious offer safe haven. Venus in Scorpio is sensual and seductive. She bids us embrace the thoughts and feelings we prefer to deny, the impulses that trouble us, the dread that keeps us bound. In doing so she assures us there is nothing to fear and no need for shame. They are simply part of who we are, not something that waits to assail us if we let down our guard. They are a part of life’s fabric, not a threat to it.

This Venus is powerful and unyielding in her pursuit of satisfaction. How we live her in our everyday life is up to us. She may partner with ego, demanding satiety at every turn, insisting that the world at large satisfy her unremitting demands. Or she can become an ally of spirit, allowing us to open ever wider to the possibility that spirituality is not something we aspire to attain but is the state of living life in a vibrant and conscious way, refusing to compartmentalise it into bits that are acceptable and others which are denied for us to stay ‘spiritual’. Venus in Scorpio is fine with lust and envy, rage and resistance, as much as she embraces yielding sensuality and the erotic edge of physical, emotional and spiritual pleasure. She reminds us that it takes all colours to fill the spectrum and we are born of those same colours, their frequencies pulsing through us every moment. We may feel drawn more than usual to certain colours, particular music and specific foods during this time. If so, go with that feeling, whatever it is. Venus knows what we need and guides us accordingly even if we don’t necessarily understand the relevance of those needs at an intellectual level. This Venus is tuned in to a whole other frequency and in her company we can be too, dwelling in a kaleidoscope of energy that awakens sleeping aspects of our soul.

As Venus enters Scorpio she forms a conjunction with Asteroid Juno in Libra, and once again the heavens remind us that we are relational creatures with the need for intimacy and connection. The rampant individualism of the modern world which preaches competition and survival of the fittest in a dog-eat-dog culture, fails to feed our souls and nourish our hearts. Many are starving for just such nourishment these days, and Venus in Scorpio urges us to connect deeply with one another and share it. We don’t have to bear our soul and tell our inner most secrets to every passing stranger, but setting the intention to connect more with others, to honour our common humanity and make space for other people in our busy lives can help make this passage of Venus in Scorpio more meaningful. In this sign Venus always runs the risk of self-absorption and intensity that repels rather than attracts. But when we use her intensity to connect and create companionship that sustains us all through the challenges of everyday life, she becomes a strong and sensitive ally who wants us to know ourselves and each other in greater and evermore enlightening depth.

So this month let Venus in Scorpio peel away the layers to reach the real you, then share it with the people around you. Doing so may bring forth the real them too, which is how meaningful connections are made.

Sarah Varcas

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