2nd/3rd December 2015: Waning Quarter Moon in Virgo

by Sarah on 01/12/2015


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Tiny Changes, Big Results


Sarah Varcas

The Quarter Moon occurs in the 11th degree of Virgo at 7:41 a.m. UT on 3rd December. Preparing us for the Sagittarian New Moon in a week’s time, when we can reset goals and hone our future focus, this Moon assists us in sorting the wheat from the chaff. She brings her laser-like vision to the many aspects of our life, revealing the part each can play in future accomplishments, whatever those accomplishments may be. It would be wrong, when working with this Moon, to assume that if something isn’t life changeingly huge it’s of little value, although it’s tempting to fall into that trap! Simply deciding to set aside thirty minutes a day for some quiet ‘downtime’ and following through on the commitment, or resolving to eat more healthily and buying a recipe book to assist with the task, are as powerful accomplishments as securing the job of our dreams. It’s all too easy to overlook the ‘small’ achievements we make as we seek to rebalance our lives and live from a deeper, more connected place. This Moon reminds us that every slightest change that moves us towards balance is valuable beyond measure.

Nevertheless, there’s a certain restless dissatisfaction about this Moon which may leave us irritated with the status quo. Relationships are especially in the crosshairs and we may find ourselves on a short fuse when it comes to dealing with other people. Whilst there may be some value to our perspective and it could indeed be true that their conduct is cramping our style, we can best use this time to reflect on why and how it’s gotten to this point and whether we could do something different to move things forward, rather than simply succumbing to ever increasing irritation.

This combination of relationships and sorting the wheat from the chaff is not for no reason. We may be overlooking a core inter-personal dynamic that’s preventing us from committing to a more fulfilling and authentic future. If so, this Moon can help bring it to our attention. It’s not necessarily so huge that we have to walk out on our life and start afresh, but is more likely something insidious, reflecting an acceptance of certain treatment from others which keeps us stuck in a place that no longer serves. Perhaps we attract a certain type of person into our life who behaves a particular way that causes problems. Or maybe we always find ourselves in a work environment that limits our expression, inflicting emotional and spiritual harm. Whatever the issue, there’s a repetitive quality to it. We know it well and have seen it many times before.

This Moon is precise and unflinching in her incisive appraisal of our situation. She eradicates blinkers, removes filters and reveals where adjustments are needed and our life could use a good clear out! But in Virgo she does it with care and attention to detail. We won’t receive a slap around the face but an undeniable nudge that something here needs to change. This frustration we’ve been feeling, or lack of fulfilment, boredom or depression, points to where the energy of shift is needed, where something new must be born. And that new thing doesn’t have to be huge either. It could be a slight change in our day that opens up new possibilities in the long run, or deciding not to spend quite so long talking to that person at work that always bums us out! It may simply be taking a new route to work or wearing that outfit that’s sat at the back of the wardrobe for a year.

Change comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes the tiniest shift can begin a domino effect of transformation that we could never have anticipated had we not made it in the first place. Virgo loves these little nuances and subtle shades of progress barely visible. She honours each one and sees their mighty power. Which makes this Virgo Moon perfect for identifying and implementing small changes, disrupting unhelpful habits and shifting our entrenched ways. Thus we signal our commitment to a balanced and flowing future which refuses to rehash the trials and troubles of the past.

Sarah Varcas

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