1st – 3rd August 2014: How to Begin a Powerful Month

by Sarah on 31/07/2014


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Change is Afoot


Sarah Varcas


As mentioned in my August Astro-Energy Report, the start of the month comes with certain sensitivities. Emotions may run high under the influence of a Grand Trine in Water (1st – 3rd August). Tears may flow, feelings be hurt or old memories resurface for attention. Coupled with the on-going Mars/Jupiter square this can make for a time of high emotion and potential conflict if we let it. But we don’t have to let it. We can, instead, choose to bring a compassionate and patient heart to our own feelings and those of others. Whatever we experience at this time has a deeply healing quality to it, no matter how it may actually feel! The quieter and least reactive we can be around it the more this healing can penetrate and do its deepest work. If there are issues that need to be addressed by all means do so, but do it in such a way that drama is minimised. Stay clear about how far you need to go into details or dynamics. Maybe simply saying your piece and walking away is enough. And remember, whatever the issue, others are also under similar pressures right now and we all need a slightly longer leash on which to languish at times like these, simply to get through the day! A good mantra for the first few days of this month could be ‘Nobody’s perfect and anyone can change’. Bearing this in mind could ease a whole load of pressures!

Alongside this Grand Trine, Uranus adds some commentary of its own, reminding us that the pursuit of freedom can never exist apart from our environment and the circumstances of our lives. No matter how much we may need to break free, we can best do so by acknowledging the impact our very desire has upon those around us. There is often great emphasis on the need for authenticity but less so on the impact of that authenticity on others. Whilst it can be extremely important to follow our own heart, we need to recognise that our doing so can be a tragedy for someone else. Although we are not directly responsible for their feelings, integrity dictates that we acknowledge our part in them, however hard that may be. Given the intensity of the month ahead, with a Super Moon which may make or break bonds left, right and centre, we need to pay attention to the intimate connections between our own life-choices and the lives of other people. In doing so we are honouring the interconnected nature of our existence alongside the individuality with which we are all also blessed.

Whatever we encounter in the first three days of August, and however we feel, if we approach our experience with an open attitude willing to learn and grow from all that occurs, we may well find ourselves putting two and two together and finally making four instead of five. We may discover information or possibilities of which we weren’t previously aware and discover new potential in what seemed to be stale situations. That said, we must also remember others are doing the same thing, and their choices may well impact upon us considerably whether we like it or not. If we are really, truly committed to growth and development, to this path of conscious evolution upon which we find ourselves, we must be committed to it for all people, not just ourselves and those with whom we choose to identify. This means we, too, may have to face loved ones wanting to break free, people who have always been there deciding their priorities lie elsewhere and truths spoken by others which cut us to the core.

But no matter where we find ourselves in the midst of these tumultuous energies, one thing’s for sure: change is afoot – deep, wide, all-encompassing change. Regardless of the form it takes or its mode of delivery, if we embrace it with as much faith and hope as we can muster, we will come through and out the other side stronger, more focused and with deeper insight than we possessed before we made the choice to go through.

Sarah Varcas

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