2nd – 5th November 2014: The Sun, Chiron and Pluto Align

by Sarah on 29/10/2014


Chiron in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn, Sun in Scorpio, commitment to change, lightheartedness
Image: “The Eye of the Beholder” by Brian Varcas


Playing the Change Game


Sarah Varcas

Given the imperative of the recent quarter moon to take steps towards a more authentic and fulfilling future, the heavens now offer bucket loads of support for those who have taken up the challenge and are applying themselves to the task at hand. An alliance between the Sun, Chiron and Pluto reminds us that change doesn’t have to equate with toil and slog as we wade through inner and outer obstacles to reach our desired goal. Sometimes we can simply play with life, test out this way and that, try a different thought, a new approach, a change of attitude and see where that gets us. There is much creative energy for us to call upon at this time. We all have a chance to do at least one thing differently in our lives, and the bigger that one thing is the greater the potential for significant leaps forward. But even the smallest shift right now will offer up results beyond what we would otherwise anticipate.

Sometimes, however, being different is the hardest thing in the world, and we may struggle with the paradoxical message that says ‘be who you are fully’ and then ‘be someone other than who you are’. We hear them both (I write them both!) and they can tie us in knots if we let them. If we are simply meant to live authentically, why do we need to do anything different? It’s an important question to contemplate on the spiritual path and one that the heavens address now. Because, they tell us, the process of living authentically is impossible without changing who we are. The very act of being authentic, living without guile, so that we can experience every aspect of our being, faces us with the twists and turns of our psyche, the efforts we make to remain the same when we need to change and to change when we need to simply accept. By embodying all that we are we arrive in the present moment and know what is needed, not as an intellectual exercise but as a heartfelt experience deep inside, and what is needed may well be change to release yet more of the life-force which is you and me.

It is this release to which the heavens currently point. They are replete with possibility and potential. We can test out new ways that may feel risky but which have seduced us for so long they clearly have no intention of going away until we do. And once we do, well, we may just discover how much we want them to remain! If we fear stepping up into the limelight, now’s the time to give it a go; if we fear relinquishing attention in favour of on inward journey in the privacy of our own soul, likewise – time to turn within and see what awaits. If our spirit whispers about possibilities that simply seem too outlandish to have any hope of realisation, now is the time to play around with our view of the future, enjoy its potential and refuse to be talked out of play by the nay-sayers within and without.

Uranus, as usual, likes to have its say in all this, encouraging us to think outside the box and consider how has anyone achieved the impossible if not by trying?! And so many have done so, throughout history. The impossible does not have to be some fantastic achievement which brings accolades galore to our door. Simply finding contentment in a mad world, gaining a long desired qualification, changing one’s career direction or risking the vulnerability of relationship. These can all seem impossible and yet desirable in the same moment. Uranus sees no obstacle too huge as to prevent their realisation if we’re on board with the commitment that’s needed to truly and deeply change.

But perhaps the most important reminder right now is that we can play around with change, bring to it a light heart and a flexible mind. It doesn’t always have to drag us through the mud of our complexities and problems. Sometimes we can simply decide to do something differently and, with the will to follow through, reap the rewards of doing so without further ado. Now is such a time. Change is a game at this point. We can play it however we wish, as competitively or as playfully as we choose. Whatever energy we bring to the playing field, the cosmos is working with us to move us along the path of expansion and cheering us on in our best moves.

Sarah Varcas

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