28th January – Mid March 2015: Saturn Square Neptune

by Sarah on 27/01/2015


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Inside Out and Back To Front


Sarah Varcas

Here we encounter the first flavours of the next major aspect to arise after the demise of the Uranus/Pluto square later this year. Whilst this newcomer doesn’t kick in completely until November, in the coming weeks we begin to get a feel for its energy and the impact it will have in due course. Think of it as a trailer to the latest block-buster, showing some of the best bits, the most powerful scenes, but without the context of the full film! In the coming weeks we may get flashes of the themes which will be upper most for us throughout 2016. Taking note now can help us prepare, somewhat like studying over the Summer to prepare for a new class in Autumn. This is our chance to get ahead of the game!

Saturn and Neptune are not the most obvious of friends. Saturn seeks form and certainty. It provides the boundaries necessary for growth and recognises the value of responsibility and restriction. Whilst it may thwart us in our attempts to achieve our goals it does so when our goals are something other than what we need for our growth. Saturn demands patience and humility, commitment and a willingness to endure when life refuses to unfold as we desire. Saturn reminds us there is a timing for all things and any attempts to impose our own timetable upon that of an ever expanding cosmos will simply meet with resistance until such time as we get back with the programme and connected with the flow. Saturn looks out for us and our welfare by encouraging common sense and wisdom in equal measure. It sees where we desire to over-step ourselves without the necessary foundations in place, where we think we have finished with something when in fact we’re only half way through, and where we believe we don’t need to be humble when in fact humility is the very thing that will open doors to the future. We may not like what Saturn brings but the consequences of working with this mighty force of nature rather than against it are many, and once we accept that we don’t know better after all, life takes on a whole other hue!

Neptune, on the other hand, is the complete opposite! Formless and amorphous, it cannot be contained. Neptune embraces everything without condition or exception. It seeks unity: complete and utter oneness. The notion of separation is beyond anathema to this cosmic presence for it perceives all things as simply one big whole without image or identity. Neptune cannot be defined or restricted. It has no notion of me and you, self and other. For Neptune, time is a mirage, as is place and person. It brings us moments of complete peace and those of frightening dissolution. When Saturn has us under its thumb we may cry out for Neptune’s mercy who will release the pressure, but when we are held within Neptune’s infinite and melting embrace we may yearn for Saturn’s presence to remind us who we are and why we are here. Together these two heavenly bodies provide the most polarised experiences of our lives – definition and dissolution. When they work together as they are now gearing up to do, we are in for some interesting times as we seek to discover the common-ground between the two and how each experience, whilst very different, can put us in contact with our divine nature which exists beyond either.

When two planets square each other we have no choice but to find a way to accommodate and live both. For those who are more Neptune oriented, seeking dissolution of identity and an experience of oneness in which edges are softened and all things merge – be this through spiritual practice, creativity, love, substances or anything else that floats your boat – Saturn requires commitment to a more disciplined path, giving shape and form to our pursuit of Neptune’s embrace. For many, Neptune becomes not liberation from identity and form, responsibility and restriction, but escape from it. Needless to say, Saturn will see about that!! There is no escape in Saturn’s world. The only way to ultimate truth is via the relative ones of identity, personality and ego maturity. If we’re trying to side-step the mundane to grab the bliss pre-emptively Saturn will bring us back down to earth and demand that we embody the path, live it in the material world with all its challenges and triumphs, demands and rewards. Saturn teaches that we cannot transcend a world that we refuse to engage with, and once aligned with Saturn we come to know that transcendence is not about rising up and out of conditions but journeying within them so deeply that they reveal their true nature even as we live in their very midst.

If, however, Saturn is more our style and we appreciate certainty and form, routine, responsibility and identity, Neptune now calls us to loosen our grip some and see what happens; to soften around the edges and allow a little more uncertainty, a dash of doubt, in. Allow ourselves to wonder what if things are not as black and white as they at first appear? What if everything we believe is only a half truth and the opposite is equally true? Neptune releases judgement and duality, dissolving our polarised world as it does so. It knows no right or wrong, no blame or guilt. It simply reaches out with compassion and love, seeing all things as itself and itself as all things. It reminds us that we are intricately and unavoidably connected with everything and everyone whether we like it or not, and poses the question, what do we intend to do about it?!

We live in interesting times and now have the opportunity to reflect deeply on what it truly means to be human and what this planet needs of us to cross the great divide of the ages in one piece, safely arriving in the Aquarian one. We are in the midst of that crossing now with Neptune preparing to take the helm and Saturn checking the maps. Where they take us in the near future is anyone’s guess. Neptune never was one to commit itself to a plan! But we can rest assured that wherever it is we will be blessed with the opportunity to see life inside out and back to front, changing how we view it for evermore.

Sarah Varcas

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