27th February – 3rd March 2015: Uranus Referees Mercury and Jupiter!

by Sarah on 25/02/2015


Right, Wrong and the Third Option


Sarah Varcas

Mercury and Jupiter are currently opposing each other, tussling over who’s right. Both planets of learning and development, Mercury favours the logical mind which reveals truths in a cerebral way and Jupiter the intuitive mind which expands upon those truths to make them its very own. Clearly they both have an important role but in their opposition we may be left feeling it’s one or the other and never the twain shall meet!

Which is where Uranus comes in, blowing it all out of the water in its usual fashion. In Aries, Uranus can’t be bothered with right or wrong, better or worse, true or false, logic or intuition. It simply wants to be free to express itself in the moment, not constrained by formalities or expectations but vibrant and spontaneous, making sense one minute, illogical the next, now clear, now confused, an expert here a beginner there. If there’s one thing Uranus in Aries can’t abide it’s constricting notions that limit its ability to be true to itself. Uranus in Aries wants to liberate us all at every level, and this argument currently taking place between Jupiter and Mercury is a perfect example of where it steps in to break the rules, disrupt the status quo and send everyone away looking around confused and wondering what on earth hit them!

Mercury in Aquarius prides itself on its ability to think objectively outside the box and come up with innovative ideas. It’ll argue black is white and construct a theory to prove it for it knows that somewhere in this vast and infinitely complex universe black is indeed white and vice versa! Jupiter in Leo is loud and proud and eternally satisfied with its own special brand of wisdom which places the self at the centre of all that is and views the world from a place of deeply rooted subjectivity. There is no detached observation for this Jupiter. It throws itself into life mind, body and soul, lapping it all up and creating a drama with the self at the centre. Mercury in Aquarius derides Jupiter in Leo’s egoic approach to subjective knowledge and this Jupiter, in turn, shudders at what it perceives to be the absence of heart at the centre of Mercury in Aquarius’s world view.

Their on-going spat reflects our own see-sawing both as individuals and as a global community, between objectivity and subjectivity; between seeing things as they are and seeing them as we prefer; between viewing the world through a detached mind or an engaged heart. Personally we may tend towards one extreme more than another, but the notion that both extremes cannot live side by side is the root of much imbalance in the world today. We need big hearts in dramatic personalities as much as we need clear minds with a detached perspective. The two may not get along, that’s true, but they still both have their place, and the more that we can willingly engage with those who operate in a different way to ourselves, the more likelihood there is that the human race as a whole can begin to actually understand each other better and find the common ground which unites rather than divides and supports rather than undermines.

Uranus in Aries simply wants this whole silly argument to end. ‘Why not be both and more?!’ it cries. ‘Be a detached and yet bounteous heart, a heart-full mind, engage subjective independence and objective symbiosis. Just get over the whole notion that these positions are mutually exclusive and begin playing around with what a truly open mind and heart can do!’. The openness of Uranus in Aries resists all attempts to define or constrict, to limit or shape, be it in the mental, emotional, physical or spiritual realm. It simply wants complete freedom to be what it needs to be in each moment.

Human beings generally fear such freedom. It intimidates us, demanding choices which come with responsibilities and unmitigated accountability for the state of our own lives. There are no victims in the world of Uranus in Aries, only consequences of choices made in each moment. ‘The freer you are, the less of a victim you will feel’ is its message, for those ready to hear. But it’s a tough message to sign up to and not one that can be embraced without some powerful repercussions! Whilst we may want to take refuge in cold hard logic to justify our way through life without reference to our heart, or dive into the realm of ego where all things become about us and other interests pale into insignificance, we can do neither without eventually needing the opposite to introduce balance and steer us toward the most fulfilling expression of these two opposites. A fulfilled Mercury in Aquarius delights in new thoughts and fresh perspectives and seeks to apply them for the good of all, not as a defence around the heart. And a fulfilled Jupiter in Leo radiates the divine through the self, offering up ego to a higher power which enables a subjectivity that is not personal but of the god force which knows the truth of all things. Until we can accept that opposites make the world go round we cannot encounter the balance which allows them to co-exist and manifest great things.

But to be honest, Uranus in Aries isn’t even interested in that! All it wants is to be free. To step outside of this ‘either/or’ realm and know life directly, fully engaged and utterly present to all that occurs. From this state there is no need to embrace opposites for they no longer exist. There is only the present moment in all its glory and the authenticity it demands from those who live it. Which could be us or not, depending on whether we feel ready to walk the Uranus in Aries path. It’s okay if the answer’s ‘not yet’, for Mercury and Jupiter are still there inviting us to engage in their way, exploring the mind from the heart, the heart with the mind and the many shades of truth that we encounter every day. The most important thing is that we don’t switch off, close down or zone out to life, but engage as we can when we can, with as much awareness as we can muster. As we increasingly commit to doing so, exploring here, embracing there, engaging a fresh perspective and questioning perceived certainties, eventually we’ll find Uranus stood beside us inviting us to join its dance of liberation where none of that even matters anymore!

Sarah Varcas

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