1st – 3rd March 2015: Pluto, Chiron and Mercury form an ‘Eye’

by Sarah on 25/02/2015


We Can’t Think Ourselves Whole!


Sarah Varcas

The ‘Eye’ aspect is short-lived and fairly rare but none the less significant. Like the energy of the last Quarter Moon we could be run somewhat ragged if we drop our guard. If we don’t, however, we can experience something enlightening in the days ahead. Chiron and Pluto are currently introducing new ways to heal old wounds. Fresh perspectives abound as the final Uranus/Pluto square begins to form, and Chiron in Pisces offers its gentle but enduring attention to the places which hurt the most. Those issues, events, memories, thoughts and feelings which continue to trouble and drain us are currently in the arms of Chiron who looks upon them with a gaze so compassionate nothing need be hidden. It doesn’t matter what we did or didn’t do, the regrets we carry like a rusting locket around our neck, the shame or guilt that underlies our frustrations with the world and those around us. Whatever lives inside of us Chiron will accept into its healing embrace, without question or comment. It knows the pain of loneliness and disappointment, the isolation of self-hatred and despair. It knows the aching tenderness of a broken heart as deeply as it knows the trauma of broken bones and a body that suffers along with us. Chiron knows suffering and resonates with ours, forever reaching out to bring us into wholeness through its healing touch.

Allied with Pluto now, we have a powerful coupling which penetrates to the core and exposes where the deepest healing is necessary. It may hurt. That much is true. Just as the removal of a shard embedded deep in our flesh will be increasingly painful as we dig to remove it, so too do our inner wounds cry out as we penetrate to their core. But this cry is the sound of healing at hand, of the sacred at our centre preparing to welcome us home. This is not the cry of new wounds made a fresh but old ones beginning to heal deep down, not simply closing over on the surface to fester beneath.

Chiron and Pluto together deliver the deepest healing to the parts of us which barely see the light of day. In their current alliance with Mercury, however, we may find ourselves over stimulated by the process, with a racing mind and a restless heart. We may seek understanding about what makes us tick, about why we do the things we do in the way we do them. An explanation that makes sense of ourselves can be very attractive at a time like this. ‘I am this way because of X,Y and Z’ can at least give us a hook to hang ourselves on, even if doing so chokes us every day! And as we develop the theory we inevitably find all the elements of our life which confirm it. Finally it all makes sense, we make sense, our life makes sense, even as it disappoints or troubles us.

But right now sense is not to be found and our search for it will be in vain. We can’t think our way into or out of this one. We simply have to go through and emerge the other side. The human psyche and spirit are so complex in their nature nothing we can say about them does justice, and even the ‘truths’ which satisfy our thinking mind pale in the light of the eternity within which those truths arise. The heavens currently tell us we do not have to understand ourselves to heal. We’re dismissed from that part of the programme for now! At this time we can simply open ourselves up to the healing forces in the cosmos which seek completion and allow them to weave themselves through our soul. If we try to think it through, make sense of what’s happening or come up with a story we can tell others we will suffer right now, because logic is not where it’s at and theories will not heal a thing!! This is a time for surrender to a greater knowing that sees what we need and is poised to deliver.

At first it may not feel like healing, but patience will prove it to be exactly that. We may be confused, overwhelmed or undermined, but bearing with rather than trying to understand or analyse our experience will be the quickest path through the jungle to the clarity of heart that signals healing is taking hold. Sometimes we simply have to trust that our experience itself knows what to do and where to take us. We don’t have to think it all through, come up with a plan and take charge. The felt sense in our body, the twists and turns of the mind, the flutterings of love and fear in the heart, they all indicate movement of our very being towards the still centre where the sacred dwells. This is one of those times and the more deeply we can surrender to its tapestry of experience the more swiftly we will find ourselves emerging into wholeness, more fully embodied and alive.

Sarah Varcas

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