25th/26th February 2015: Waxing Quarter Moon in Gemini

by Sarah on 18/02/2015


Inner Worth Outer Peace


Sarah Varcas

The Quarter Moon occurs at 5: 15 pm GMT on 25th February in the 7th degree of Gemini. This is a highly energised Moon and we may find ourselves feeling somewhat tense as a result! It strives to make its mark, to be seen and heard. With the Sun at the apex of a T Square it demands acknowledgement but burns itself out in the process! The best response to a Moon with this vibration is a commitment to chill no matter what! To allow ourselves to take the foot off the pedal, not drive it home harder, and allow who we are to be our statement not what we do or have achieved. Whilst the imperative can be to strive and demand right now, it is far better that we allow ourselves to stand back for a moment and take stock of the energy that we put out into the world rather than simply putting it out there and expecting life to respond with a round of applause!

There is great steadfastness in this Moon which we must put to good use, not battling through when we need to rest, but quietly committing to the long haul whilst knowing that stillness and silence are also necessary for growth and progress. We cannot be awake 24/7 and still function at our best. Rest is vital at all levels and the challenge of this Moon comes in the requirement to rest up just when we feel we must get out there and strut our stuff for all to see! Time, now, to turn within and reflect on the motivation underlying these feelings and behaviours, for this Moon has important insights to share.

Being someone special, doing something that gets us attention, impressing others with our skills and abilities: most people seek affirmation from others in some way or other. It’s perfectly natural human behaviour. Everyone wants to succeed at something, even if it’s only at living a quiet life!! But this Moon highlights how the drive for success can alienate us from our essence and the perfect wholeness which lives within. In truth none of us need to prove anything at all. Every living creature on this planet deserves respect and acceptance as a fundamental right without question, because every living being is an expression of the sacred, a microcosm of the macrocosm that is the very source of all things throughout time and space. We forget this, feeling somehow less than we should be if we don’t have something to show for our lives. This Moon encourages us to watch the imperative to succeed and question it for a couple of days; to know it intimately, interacting with it rather than reacting to it. In doing this we can make more considered and effective choices on the path to fulfilment of our goals.

It may not even be a specific goal that drives us but a general nameless feeling that we must be ‘doing’ all the time; that simply ‘being’ is somehow a waste of this precious life. Activity has become a much used drug in the modern age in which we live life at the speed of light, stumbling out of bed in the morning, frantically racing through our day with not a minute to spare before we collapse, exhausted and starved of soul-food, back in bed at the day’s end, to prepare for the next one! This constant round of activity alienates us, bit by bit, from our true essence and increasingly demands activity to fill the resulting void. The lunar message now is to stop, step back and observe what’s really going on amidst the endless activity of our lives. Take some time out, even just a few moments, to simply be. Not to meditate or give ourselves a treat. Just simply be. Do absolutely nothing and see what happens, what arises in the mind and heart, the sensations in the body, the thoughts which tell us this is a waste of time. For beneath the sounds of a restless mind we might just begin to hear the gentle whisper of the sacred, sharing truths that could turn so much around.

This Moon is both a challenge and an opportunity to step back and relax. If we’re happy to embrace the latter the former will be less of an issue. If we keep on keeping on regardless, forcing the flow and striving to make our mark, come the Full Moon at the beginning of March we may find ourselves too depleted to make the best of its energy. This would be a shame because it brings significant healing. Whilst a waxing Quarter Moon asks us to take action on our goals, this one encourages a moment’s pause and time to reflect before doing so. If we can observe our motivation apart from activity we may discover something significant about what makes us tick, and the futility of the constant struggle to needlessly prove our worth.

Sarah Varcas

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