22nd/23rd August 2015: Waxing Quarter Moon in Scorpio

by Sarah on 18/08/2015


 Quarter Moon in Scorpio, deep change, deep truth, facing fear, letting go, managing the mind, divine timing, faith


On Flying the Nest


Sarah Varcas

The Quarter Moon occurs in the final degree of Scorpio at 7:32 p.m. GMT. Conjunct Saturn in its final days in the sign of the Scorpion, it makes personal the impact of the current Saturn/Sun square, providing the insight necessary to let go of deeply held patterns of thought and behaviour. When the moon gets involved in something we can relate to it better. Our perspective becomes less detached and more personal. While this can sometimes result in blind-spots and blinkered vision, on this occasion we can use the intimacy of the Moon’s presence to our best advantage by allowing it to act deeply upon us, cutting ties and bonds that needed cutting long ago.

A waxing Quarter Moon always provides some impetus to get a move on with things. Anticipating the illumination of the Full Moon in a week’s time there can be a sense of urgency in those areas that have reached their time of manifestation. When in Scorpio, the issues in need of attention may remain hidden even as we know something needs to be done. They are deeply personal and may reveal matters that we’ve kept hidden even from ourselves. But the time is ripe for such revelations and their impact, far from being unsettling or traumatic, can be freeing as we wonder how we hadn’t realised we were operating in that way before. A veil is lifted, a light switched on and clarity arises where before there was confusion or ignorance.

This is a powerful moon, not to be overlooked. She unleashes great potential, not in an inspiring rush of excitement that keeps us awake at night, but in the steady flow of energy released through the willingness to let go of old, rigid perspectives which have constricted our expression and activity. Whatever experiences we’ve encountered during Saturn’s journey though Scorpio since October 2012 – however tough it has been or desperate we’ve sometimes felt – the opportunity to clear out the dross from our thinking, the obstacles in our behaviour and circumstances no longer aligned with who we are, has been precious beyond measure. This Quarter Moon provides us the chance to review all that has occurred during that time, to pat ourselves on the back for efforts made, endurance demonstrated and resolve held to, and turn to face forward in the sure knowledge that we have survived, coming out clearer, wiser and oriented in a more positive and fulfilling direction.

If, on reflection, we suspect we haven’t done what we could or used the opportunities to release the ties that bind, this moon provides solace in the form of a chance to focus on one outstanding thing and resolve to take action for change. It doesn’t matter if we have a whole long list of stuff we know we should have done – things we’ve avoided, issues left unaddressed – this moon highlights the central issue which ties them all together and encourages us to act there. It may be a habit of thought, painful feelings we keep pushing away, an interpersonal issue we continually avoid. Whatever it is, this alliance between the Quarter Moon and Saturn reveals its influence in our psyche, calling the shots more widely than we may previously have recognised.

Insight arising now will be sharp and incisive. We may find ourselves resisting it, wanting more time to process its meaning and implications, which is fine if that’s what we’re really doing, but if ‘processing’ is just another excuse not to act we’ll be pulled up short by this Moon and reminded there comes a point when we simply have to do what needs to be done and commit to change whether we like how it feels or not. Not all change comes immediately with a feeling of freedom and possibility. Some comes with fear and foreboding as we jump out of the nest and learn quickly to fly.

This Moon reminds us that when it’s time it’s time, and the time is now to jump – not out of reckless abandon but wise and sustaining faith, sure in the knowledge that life itself supports us as we test our wings on the warm currents of freedom from past pain.

Sarah Varcas

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