28th October – 20th November 2019: New moon in 5th degree of Scorpio followed by Mercury retrograde in Scorpio from 31st October

by Sarah 24 October 2019

      Healing Revelations By Sarah Varcas   The moon is new in the 5th degree of Scorpio at 3:40 a.m. UT on 28th October. This moon marks an opportunity to stop and take stock, turn within and ask some probing questions about what’s really going on in the places we most struggle in […]

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21st / 22nd December 2015 – 20th January 2016: Sun in Capricorn

by Sarah 15 December 2015

    Following Clues to Fulfilment By Sarah Varcas   Right now the heavens remind us that clues are everywhere for eyes that spot them and wisdom abounds for those who can hear. Sometimes, however, we seek too intensely and miss what’s right before our eyes. During the Sun’s current journey through Capricorn we can […]

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24th/25th September – 12th/13th November 2015: Mars in Virgo

by Sarah 22 September 2015

      Discerning the Details By Sarah Varcas   As Mars enters Virgo its energy becomes laser-like. Relinquishing the bluster of Leo’s unyielding self-assurance, it becomes more careful, attending to details previously overlooked and honouring the beauty of each minuscule part rather than the magnificence of the whole. Neither way is better than the […]

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