21st / 22nd December 2015 – 20th January 2016: Sun in Capricorn

by Sarah on 15/12/2015


Sun in Capricorn, creative action, awakening, knowing the mind, managing negative thoughts, faith, optimism, Mercury retrograde January 2016

Image: “Nebulous Nearness” by Brian Varcas


Following Clues to Fulfilment


Sarah Varcas

Right now the heavens remind us that clues are everywhere for eyes that spot them and wisdom abounds for those who can hear. Sometimes, however, we seek too intensely and miss what’s right before our eyes. During the Sun’s current journey through Capricorn we can avoid doing so by loosening up and drawing a broader stroke when seeking solutions to the conundrums we face.

As the cardinal earth sign, Capricorn is primed to initiate action, bring about change and get things off the ground. It is, in many ways, the most practical of the three earth signs. While Taurus umms and aahs and Virgo analyses every minor detail before committing, Capricorn checks the lie of the land, identifies the destination, gathers supplies and sets out for the journey before so much as a ‘bye your leave’! Always eager to make progress and do what it takes to achieve a goal, Capricorn makes real our hopes and dreams by pragmatically acting to bring them into form.

This is a deeply grounded energy that helps us focus effectively where once our attention was diffuse. But the other side of the Capricorn coin is a tendency to seek only certain types of solutions because they’re the only ones we think exist. In effect we limit the universe to acting only in ways we can conceive, rather than freeing it to act as it must (and will anyway, eventually!). Thus we end up overlooking the most creative potential in a situation, the place where magic can occur. Which is what makes this particular passage of the Sun so important: it combines pragmatic problem-solving with an ability to identify less obvious but more creative solutions. All in all, a supportive and constructive combination, available to help us kick-start new endeavours if we wish.

But it’s important we don’t lose heart part way through. Mercury travels retrograde through Capricorn from 8th January, having turned retrograde in Aquarius a few days prior. Initial enthusiasm for problem solving and new solutions to old dilemmas may wane at this point, leaving us disappointed with immediate outcomes. If so, this is the time to cowboy-up and get straight back in the saddle, for outcomes, whatever they are, are just more clues and the better we read them the more effective we become. Realism is vital, alongside faith in all manner of possibilities. When something doesn’t go to plan we need to reassess and learn, not give up and resign ourselves to the status quo. Never was this attitude more important than now, for this planet needs innovative people committed to being a rejuvenating force for good, not a stultifying force for stagnation and despair!

Okay, so despair may be too strong a word at this point, but that’s where we’re headed if we allow setbacks now to constrain future possibility. Yes, we may well decide afresh once we discover this or that hasn’t quite worked as we anticipated, but the next attempt needs to arise from a spirit of hope and positivity not from a hardened heart that anticipates failure before it’s even begun. Inner narratives of ‘I’m just unlucky. Nothing ever works out for me like it does for other people’ have no place this coming year! Whilst we may all have some version of them going on at certain times, we need to challenge them with faith in the possibilities unleashed by awakening, not feed them with negative emotions and further affirmations of our ‘poor me’ narrative.

Sun in Capricorn really can’t be doing with self-pity or resignation. Never has and never will. ‘Just get on with it!’, it cries. ‘The clues are all around, the answers you seek are right before you and the path is clear. Don’t let fear, doubt or insecurity keep you from walking it but instead stride out with head held high, a faithful heart and be sure to read the clues along the way!’.

Sarah Varcas

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