23rd / 24th January 2016: Full Moon in Leo

by Sarah on 19/01/2016


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On Being Who We Are


Sarah Varcas

The Moon is full in the 4th degree of Leo at 1:47 a.m. on 24th January UT. She brings powerful healing if we allow her energy to penetrate our hardened outer shell. Most of us have one to some extent: those places where life has toughened us up; where we’ve needed to protect ourselves and create distance between us and the outside world. In the moment it can be necessary, a survival mechanism that keeps our vulnerable core safe, but in the long term these places become calloused veneers which keep life at bay no matter what it brings: rain or shine, love or hate, joy or despair. After a while, and often without realising, we become numb to the beauty as much as the pain, the happiness as well as the tears, unable to feel deeply enough any of it for fear that opening to one extreme may unwittingly raise the floodgates to the other. Many move through life in just such a grey fog of what Molly Drake, in her poem ‘The Shell’, refers to as ‘narrow joy’. Happy enough, contented enough, but not really living, out of touch with the pulsating rhythm of life that beats through every heart.

This Moon wants to expand our narrow joy, but in doing so our sorrows may be expanded too, for joy often lives on the other side of pain, love the other side of fear, and deep peace in the centre of a storm. We cannot have one without the other, black without white, light without dark, gain without loss. The extent to which we fear or deny the darkness dictates how much light we can welcome into our lives, for without darkness illumination means nothing. The shadows make the light what it is and the brightness of day renders the inky night all the more mysterious.

Opening ourselves to all of life, welcome or not, is the message of this Moon. She endows us with the courage to do so and the faith to know that the two sides of life’s coin complement, not threaten, each other. We simply cannot live forever in brilliant light. How would we sleep? When would the numinous beauty of dreams carry us away into lands that time forgot and possibilities not of this world? Where would the seeds of creative potential be planted if not in darkness, before they are sturdy and strong enough to emerge into light?

This Leo Full Moon brims with confidence, affirming our value as a unique thread in the very fabric of this universe. Uniqueness runs through every level of our being: our physicality, our thoughts and feelings, our spirit. No one is exactly like us and no one can do precisely what we can. So to keep the lid on our self-expression, our experiences and emotional life, is akin to denying the very essence of who we are. Instead we become a dumbed-down version of ourselves, barely distinct from the grey mass of other suppressed souls yearning for freedom whilst bound by fearful chains. This Moon wants us passionate and vibrant, brimming with emotion if that’s what we feel, resplendent with peace if that’s where we’re at; excited or angry, sad, happy, tired or full of zest for life. All of it matters. All of it’s real. None of it is less or more than anything else, for it is all ourselves. The more deeply we feel, the greater our connection with life; the more widely we cast the net of experience the wiser we become; the bolder we allow our thoughts to be the greater our ability to think outside the box and refuse to be bound by chains of conformity when our spirit needs to speak.

The light of this Moon illuminates everything and affirms its right to be. Beneath her silvery glow we can risk feeling the pain and allowing the joy, thinking big, standing proud and being who we are. Which is exactly who we’re meant to be, warts and all! She knows the fear of feeling too deeply, the pain that leads us to pleasure and the storms in which we find the deepest calm. Reaching out a warm, inviting hand she offers to lead us through the adventure that is you and me, this human life, the spiritual quest. If we accept the invitation we are in safe hands, for nothing lights the path ahead quite like this Leo Moon!

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Sarah Varcas

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