23rd / 24th January – 16th/17th February: Venus in Capricorn

by Sarah on 19/01/2016


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Many Feminine Faces


Sarah Varcas

Venus enters Capricorn at 8:33 p.m. on 23rd January UT, whilst forming an alignment with the Moon and Black Moon Lilith. This alliance speaks to the many faces of the feminine within us all, female and male. In Venus we encounter the sensual feminine, warm and loving, a refuge from the storms of life and harsh winds of change. In the Moon, we encounter the intuitive feminine, connected with all that is and shaped by endless cycles of becoming and demise. And in Black Moon Lilith we meet the wild and unrelenting feminine, she who stands firm in the face of challenge, who knows the darkness within and without as the cosmic womb of the Great Mother from which all life is born.

Venus in Capricorn finds great pleasure in pragmatically getting things done and meeting needs as they arise. Not the most passionate or sensual Venus, she is, instead, one of the most reliable. In relinquishing the exuberance of Sagittarius for the stability of Saturn ruled Capricorn, she recognises that sometimes the greatest pleasure comes as reward for having dealt with life’s demands, not from avoiding or postponing them. In the coming weeks we can benefit from her no nonsense approach by ensuring that we, too, find pleasure in an ordered life, and gratitude in the midst of satisfying its demands.

The masculine/feminine dyad which shapes so profoundly our world and consciousness is under pressure to grow along with everything else these days. The approaching conjunction between Eris and Uranus, beginning mid 2016, will make sure that it does. In the meantime it is alignments like this between Venus, the Moon and Black Moon Lilith, which nudge us towards a radical rethinking of all gendered designations, be they physical, social, psychological, emotional or spiritual. No longer can the feminine be limited to that which is gentle and ‘nice’, caring, non-confrontational and dependent. Just as the masculine can no longer be constrained by expectations of aggression, authority and power. None of this makes sense in a world on the brink of awakening or apocalypse. We have no choice but to find another way that honours every face of this dyad, thereby birthing, through their sacred union, a third way that allows for the many nuances of being that an infinite universe allows.

As Venus travels through Capricorn we encounter the grounded, competent feminine and can channel her energy into our own lives. Bold and pragmatic, unsentimental but good in a crisis, she offers balance to emotionality, common sense in the face of aggression and good old down to earth wisdom when life throws us a curve ball we didn’t see coming. She reminds us that pleasure is a response to life, not something to be found in its events. She experiences pleasure as she tackles life’s ups and downs, not when they’re sorted. She knows the satisfaction of a problem solved, a day saved, security assured and enjoys this as fully as any deep tissue massage or night on the town!

The beautiful pragmatism of Venus in Capricorn is enhanced many fold in the coming weeks, helping us deal with life and enjoy it at the same time, not postpone enjoyment until work is done. Outstanding issues and those things we may constantly put off until another day drain our energy and stifle our soul. This Venus wants them all on the table, plans drawn up and a strategy implemented to ensure all things are managed in the best possible way. And whilst that sounds a lot like the daily grind of living, she will do it with a smile on her face, knowing the joy of order, the pleasure of competence and the security that comes of knowing all things are in their right place.

Sarah Varcas

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