2015 Astro-Energy Report

by Sarah on 23/12/2014


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Show Up, Own Up and Step Up!


Sarah Varcas

2015 is characterised by an energy markedly different to the ‘norm’ of the past three years. The Uranus/Pluto square which began in 2012 comes to a close in 2015, having made its presence unremittingly felt by so many of us. Lives have been turned upside down, perspectives forever shifted, circumstances reshaped beyond recognition. We have lost the things, people and places we thought we could never live without and discovered new ways of being we thought were never possible. Some people have been touched more deeply than others. Some in resoundingly positive ways. Others have faced what has looked and felt like devastation. In very basic terms Uranus is sudden, unavoidable change and Pluto is destructive and/or creative power. When these two work together shocks and surprises are guaranteed, as is rebirth from the rubble of destruction and the possibility of a new life if we rise to the challenge and steel ourselves to ride the waves and see where we finally come to rest.

In the first half of 2015 many will discover where they now stand after many months of struggling to keep their head above water. Dry land once more and daylight to view the terrain! It will be tempting to look back over all that has happened and reflect upon the twists and turns which have brought us to this place. Reflection is fine, but indulging in nostalgia or melancholy for things past is best avoided for there is too much now to be done. What’s gone is gone and whilst we may still be deep within the process of adjustment, grief or the healing of wounds incurred, it is important that we stay conscious of what we do with our attention, where we allow it to rest and why. The future awaits and the present is ripe with potential. Expending too much energy on the past in ways which do not further our emergence into wholeness is energy wasted at a time we can ill afford such extravagance. The coming year challenges us to use every ounce of energy to further our collective awakening not lull ourselves back into a state of unconsciousness simply because it is easier to do.

February sees an important New Moon on 18th (GMT) exactly on the cusp between Aquarius and Pisces. It is both a Black Moon (the second New Moon in a solar month) and a Super Moon (although not the most powerful Super Moon of the year – we must wait until September for that!). Having spent the past few weeks settling into our new terrain we now have an opportunity to decide what we want to do with this year. An excellent time to commit to new beginnings, we must ensure they are new enough to be worthy of this especially powerful energy. Look back to the Super Moon on 10th August 2014 to find the seeds of the present moment. The adjustments and changes required back then will begin to bear fruit from here on in to the extent we have committed to embodying them as a living breathing part of who we are, not just a tag-on for when we feel motivated enough to be different for a while! Hence the need for the current new beginnings to be ‘new enough’, not simply a rehash of commitments made in the past but never followed through. The cosmos calls for deeply creative innovation at this point. If we really want to do our bit for the evolution of this planet, the birthing of the Aquarian Age, then here’s our chance to show up, own up and step up, no holds barred!

Mid March sees the final exact Uranus/Pluto square before this alignment begins to fade as the year progresses. So much has been written by so many about this aspect in the past few years, there’s little that hasn’t been said! However, Jupiter adds its penny’s worth into the mix this time, reminding us that actualisation of self and spirit requires complete acceptance of both physical and non-material realms. We must embrace everything to become whole. There is no need to reject or disconnect from one level of experience in favour of another. Any beliefs we still hold that spiritual equals special, rarefied, super-sensitive and psychic will be sorely challenged by this final alignment of Uranus and Pluto, for they demand that we acknowledge ‘spiritual’ as simply being conscious of the whole: physical, mental emotional and spiritual. To be spiritual is to be whole – plain and simple. When awake to this truth of ourselves we are what we are: a force of nature, a point of awareness, the universe waking up to its own presence. When we can embody spirit in our material form, ground multi-dimensional truths in our daily lives, recognise the unified field of energy which connects us all and recommit in each moment to knowing these truths ever more deeply, then we are spiritual. And we will have no need of a label or identity, recognition or praise for being so because life itself, which is all that we are, needs nothing except to follow its own nature. A solar eclipse in the final degree of the zodiac a couple of days after the final Uranus/Pluto square makes clear, in case we’ve missed the point, that something has now ended. If we are still clinging to the vestiges of who we once were, of an old identity we thought was ours forever, of past loves or lifestyles, it is time to finally release and move on.

A lunar eclipse in Libra on 4th April raises the issue of relationships and their role as a mirror, held up to our inner self. How we manage our own individuation and independence, how we satisfy our need for security and assurance, how we subjectively perceive others, all of this is highlighted now and a willingness to recognise the health of our key relationships as a reflection of our own inner well-being will be rewarded with insight and revelation. Come mid-May, asteroid Juno conjuncts Jupiter symbolising the sacred marriage of the divine masculine and feminine, the union of opposites through which a third state is born independent of them. At this time we can gain direct experience of what it means to be both wholly self-possessed whilst completely at one with another. We can offer up our all to relationships whilst also retaining it for ourselves. Such paradoxes will be clarified in the willingness to embrace not an either/or – separate or merged – attitude, but a willingness to see beyond them to a state of being in which we can both relinquish our (small) self as we own our (divine) Self and come to know that nothing can diminish the latter.

Venus stations retrograde in the first degree of Virgo on 25th July (GMT) and travels retrograde through Leo until 6th September, finally returning to Virgo in October. This is a cycle of ‘almost there but not quite’. The goddess of love reminds us that love of self is both divinely ordained and an egoic trick. Discerning between the two is vital and Venus’s retrograde passage through Leo offers us the chance to do exactly that before we settle into Virgo and recall that, to quote the First Letter of John in the New Testament, ‘First we were loved’. Venus in Virgo reminds us that love is our natural state, the breath which animates all things, and any struggle we may have to accept or understand this highlights a misconception about its true nature. A misconception due to be clarified as the year progresses. By the end of 2015 we may well know more deeply than ever before that love is far from the hearts and flowers, sweetness and light that we perceived it to be, but instead a mighty force that can return even the most fractured and broken things to a state of wholeness, no matter what it takes.

In September Saturn bids a final farewell to Scorpio as it settles into Sagittarius for the next couple of years. Time to live the truths that have surfaced from all that soul searching demanded by its journey through Scorpio in the previous three! As Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, made clear at the final Uranus/Pluto square in March, truth is redundant if not embodied and honoured in the minutiae of our daily lives. Saturn in Sagittarius reminds us that rarefied spirituality requiring special conditions to exist is a red-herring these days. We must be able to live spiritual truth in the midst of the mundane, not spend our days waiting for that moment when we can go off and be spiritual again elsewhere. Any and all notions of ‘spiritual equals special’, will be repeatedly challenged by Saturn in the coming couple of years. Our task is to recognise that spiritual is not a label marking us or our lives out from the crowd, but instead a fact about human existence which anyone can choose to acknowledge at any moment. We are all of us spirit as much as flesh, mundane as much as special. The egoic mind will play around with these things making ‘spiritual’ into an achievement or a designation of superiority but it is neither of these. It simply is and we are it: spirit made flesh, human and divine, every moment of every day.

Saturn’s arrival in Sagittarius is sandwiched between a solar eclipse in Virgo on 13th (GMT) and a super moon and lunar eclipse in Aries on 28th (GMT), marking September out as a highly influential month. The solar eclipse highlights the primal energies which flow through us and the need for their taming, not to suppress or avoid them but to harness and apply them with wisdom and presence. If we allow them full reign without the application of wisdom we can create circumstances which hinder our lives, block progress or destroy the very things we value. Acknowledging these energies and becoming intimate with them, recognising that we can be both fiercely compassionate and blindingly selfish, peace-loving and enraged, hopeful and despairing, empowers us to accept who we are and resolve to be as authentic and honest as possible. This takes wisdom and fortitude, a willingness to be both vulnerable and powerful, self-assured and acutely aware of our own insignificance in this vast universe we call home. The energies of this month challenge us to be the most awake we can be so that come the lunar eclipse we can consolidate what this means in terms of our everyday life, recognising the ever increasing need for more and more people to be willing to do what it takes and go the extra mile to birth the burgeoning Aquarian Age upon whose cusp we now languish.

The final quarter of 2015 sees the advent of the next major alignment to step into the breach left by the dissolution of the Uranus/Pluto square earlier this year. This time we have Saturn squaring Neptune, signalling the final phase of a 36 year cycle which began back in 1989. This aspect will continue throughout 2016 but first makes an exact alignment at the end of November. Here we encounter the tension between truth and dogma, reality and illusion, commitment and irresponsibility, isolation and unity. Beliefs will come under pressure: Do they stand up to scrutiny? Do they hold out in the face of experience? Are they true or simply comforting? During the course of this alignment we will all have to face where in our lives we are most dogmatic and accept that what we would like to be clear and certain, irrefutable and therefore true may be anything but. At this point in the year we are all embarking on a journey of self-discovery. It may see icons topple and heroes deposed, but ultimately it can return us to ourselves in the quiet space of a heart that knows the truth so deeply no dogma is needed nor argument necessary. The North Node assists with our search for ultimate truth as November 2015 sees it shift into Virgo for the next eighteen months. Thus is set the theme for 2016 while this year draws to a close: truth in all its forms, the nature of perfection and how perfect each moment really is, no matter what we think or feel about it.

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Sarah Varcas

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