1st January – 18th February 2015: Uranus Conjunct the South Node

by Sarah on 30/12/2014


  Uranus conjunct South Node, Uranus in Aries, uniqueness, divine within, ego identity, managing the mind, self-love, unconditional love, self-acceptance


Cosmic DNA


Sarah Varcas

Welcome to 2015. Happy New Year!! Uranus and the South Node team up to see us through the first month and a half. They remind us where we have come from, strengths developed along the way, old habits broken, new qualities nurtured and our ability to recreate ourselves afresh even in the face of the deepest and most traumatic challenges. Together Uranus and the South Node speak of our uniqueness and exhort us to express it as fully as possible. And for those of us jaded and tired, lacking the will to continue, they remind us that we are never who we believe ourselves to be. There is always more to discover, new sides of ourselves to unveil, new strengths to nurture. This year is ripe for just such changes, but if we give up now we’ll miss them, which would be a desperate shame given what we’ve come through in recent years. In the coming weeks the heavens want to refill us with new energy and fresh enthusiasm for life. They remind us that we suffer when we think we know better and flourish when we embrace the adventure that is life with all its twists and turns – unknowable until we navigate them; unimaginable until we are embraced by their potential and challenged to recreate ourselves in response.

The heavens want to reveal something with great clarity now. Our ability to see it is commensurate to our willingness to set aside expectations about what it might actually be! There exists a uniqueness at the heart of each living creature. Every single one of us is a one-off, never to be replicated, never known before. This is our cosmic DNA, born of the energetic resonance in which we were bathed at the moment of our birth. No matter how mundane our life may appear, how limited our zone of experience may be, we bring to every moment of every day a quality that no other creature, alive or dead, could bring to it. This uniqueness has been in us from the very moment of our birth. It animates us even in our dreams. It is our ‘hallmark’, an energetic imprint we leave in our wake and project into the future as we anticipate the path ahead. It is the divine, living through us in a manner it never has before and never will again. This is how it becomes all and everything. It needs every one of us embodying our uniqueness, each a divine speck of the mighty whole.

Later this year we will be learning a lot about love of self and what it really means. To do this we need to discern between egoic, narcissistic love and divinely ordained unconditional love. The foundation for this process is being laid right now. As we explore our uniqueness we have a choice: to lay claim to and use it for ego inflation or to celebrate it as the divine signature within us, not ours to possess but to gratefully cherish. The more humble gratitude we feel for those things which mark us out from others the wider our heart can open and the less power our mind has over what we understand those things to be. We are no more special than others because we are this way or that – we are all equally special, after all. Our unique gifts, habits, perspectives, feelings, thoughts and behaviours are simply what it means to be alive. Without them we would be long gone.

Just as no two trees are the same, no two pebbles on a beach exactly identical no two clouds perfect twins, so each of us is differentiated by our own particular nuances of character, personality, behaviour, thought and feeling. Only by knowing these many aspects of our nature can we come to know ourselves in our fullness and harness the essential power which is ours alone to draw upon. Ignoring any facet of our nature places the energy of that part out of reach. We will effectively ‘short-circuit’ as we try to navigate around who we actually are. These things cannot be done. We cannot avoid our own nature, our inner self, our internal world or the consequences of them. No matter how hard we try and how resolute we become in denying their existence, they are us and we are them. The sooner we ‘get’ this and embrace knowledge of them in their fullness, the better. For there is no way we can love ourselves in our fullness if we will not know ourselves in it.

Our own hallmark may fill us with pride or shame. It may make our life easier or a constant struggle. We may make it a central part of our identity or be happy to have it on the sidelines, there when we need it but not playing a central role. Whatever it is and however we feel about it, we all have characteristics which mark us out from others. In the coming weeks we are invited to open ourselves up to them, whatever they may be, embrace them and allow them to express their essence throughout our lives.

This is the message of Uranus on the South Node: we weren’t born this way for nothing. It’s time to stop trying to be who we’re not and start simply being who we are. This is the path for 2015. Let us step onto it now.

Sarah Varcas

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