20th April – 21st May 2015: Sun in Taurus

by Sarah on 15/04/2015


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The Quiet Art of Waiting


Sarah Varcas

A couple of days after the New Moon the Sun enters Taurus, the first earth sign. Continuing the theme of patient waiting, the Sun’s journey through the sign of the Bull provides an opportunity to connect deeply with Mother Earth, to find ourselves within her pulses and rhythms, sharing her gentle but ever present breath. Celebrating our presence on this planet and the blessings of our bountiful mother aligns us with the creative forces which are gradually building behind the scenes, out of sight and so quiet we can barely hear them. But gathering they are, softly in the shadows, awaiting their moment to step into the light and offer themselves for the next step on our journey.

We often resist the wait. The modern age tells us we should expect everything immediately, in the blink of an eye. Fast cars, fast food, social media that connects across continents in an instant. Time is too precious and scarce to waste it on hanging around. So instead we waste it on speed, rattling our way through life barely attending to the present moment as we hurry to get to the next one and then the next. The quiet art of waiting, pausing, of simply breathing for a while and enjoying the beauty of a life slowed down has been lost to us. If we’re not ‘doing’ we can be forgiven for thinking something has gone dreadfully wrong and we need to sort ourselves out immediately!

Except nothing is wrong and there’s nothing to sort. The Sun joining Mercury and Mars in Taurus assures us that waiting quietly, returning home to ourselves, simply being without doing, all of this is needed now. Our spirits need rest, our bodies and minds want space. Our hearts seek time to settle. We simply cannot continue on and on and on without this pause to reflect and wait and be. Doing this could barely be more important than it is now. After all we have been through the cosmos calls time and takes its foot off the pedal for a while, but like passengers in a suddenly braking car we may find ourselves jolted first forward and then back as we come to a stop. We look around, confused. What WAS that?! Why aren’t we moving? But the engine’s already died and it’s evident we’re going nowhere fast.

This is exactly where we should be going right now. For only when we stop to listen can we reconnect with the bounty of Mother Earth, the blessing of the elements, the stars in the night sky and cool breezes of seasonal change. Without aligning with these things we cannot move forward again. It simply won’t happen. We must be grounded now, earthed and connected. This is a new cycle which will gradually pick up speed, but in the meantime we are invited to rest and wait, feel the earth beneath our feet and the endless love of our planetary Mother. It can be easy to forget that living on her makes us part of her. She is not our servant but our benefactor. Were it not for her we would be and have nothing. As the Sun travels through Taurus we are reminded to honour our Mother and all creatures that live upon her. To make that our life purpose, our spiritual practice, our daily task. Forget all those things we wish were so in our lives, all those hopes and dreams we have nurtured for so long. Let them fade into the background as our relationship with Mother Earth takes centre stage and we return home to our physical presence on this incredible planet in this infinitely expanding cosmos.

This is enough. Nothing more is needed. The universe is at rest for now, its cycles quiet and its movement slowed, not because something is wrong but because something is deeply right. Roots are growing deep into the earth, seeds are gradually breaking down to reveal their shoot of possibility. Everything takes time and time is freely given for it all. It is only we who cry ‘not enough time and too much to do!!’. Mother Nature finds time for everything exactly when needed because she knows what matters and allows the rest to fall away. We can take a leaf out of her book now, rest and relax into the gentle and silent becoming of a new creative phase.

Sarah Varcas

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