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11th August 2015 – 9th September 2016: Jupiter in Virgo

by Sarah 5 August 2015

      The Web of Life By Sarah Varcas   After the buoyant confidence of Jupiter in Leo since July 2014, its arrival in Virgo heralds a time of quiet activity which will build firm foundations for the future. Jupiter in Virgo resonates deeply with Mother Earth, reminding us her future is integral to […]

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May 2015 Astro-Energy Report

by Sarah 1 May 2015

      Honesty is the Best Policy By Sarah Varcas   May 2015 raises the issue of relationship: with ourselves, each other and our environment both near and far. We simply cannot go it alone, is the basic message of this month, nor can we expect others to do it for us. It is […]

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20th January 2015: New Moon in Aquarius

by Sarah 14 January 2015

  Image: “Midnight Flower” by Gary Rosenberg   Embracing ‘Don’t Know Mind’ By Sarah Varcas   Since October 2014 New Moons have been occurring in the first degree of their zodiac sign, within hours of the Sun arriving there for its month long stay. This month’s New Moon in Aquarius (1:15 pm GMT) is the […]

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23rd November – 24th June 2015: Chiron Direct

by Sarah 19 November 2014

      Everyday Healing by Sarah Varcas   Chiron turns direct in Pisces after five months retrograde just a few days after Neptune does the same. These two forces of healing speak now of the profound need for deep restitution and realignment on planet Earth, and Chiron’s shift at this point serves to further highlight […]

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4th – 15th November 2014: Mars/Pluto Conjunction (opposed by Kronos)

by Sarah 29 October 2014

       Engage Integrity Then Full Steam Ahead by Sarah Varcas   Mars is currently approaching a conjunction to Pluto, exact on 10th/11th November 2014. This is a powerful combination and one to be treated with respect. The god of war meets Lord of the Underworld! Not a partnership to mess with! That said, […]

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28th August 2013: North Node and Saturn in Scorpio

by Sarah 28 August 2013

  New Laws For a New Age by Sarah Varcas   With the North Node approaching Saturn in Scorpio, the domain of Pluto, laws are changing all around us, and I don’t mean the ones we’ve made up. These are universal laws, those which govern the unfoldment of our lives and the evolution of the […]

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