16th/17th November – 10th December 2014: Venus in Sagittarius

by Sarah on 12/11/2014


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Sarah Varcas

Venus enters Sagittarius at 7:05 pm on 16th November GMT. In doing so she brings us a much welcome lift of energy and begins the shift from Scorpio to Sagittarius which plays out in the coming few weeks with first Mercury and then Saturn leaving the former in favour of the latter. Venus in Sagittarius is unwavering in her belief that life is meant to be fun, no matter how much evidence to the contrary she encounters along the way! Life gone completely pear-shaped? Make upside down pear cake and invite friends over to share it. Plans ended up in the gutter again? Ignore the gutter sludge and cast your eyes upwards to spot the sunrise! Life thrown a curve-ball? Use it to perfect that back-flip you’ve always wanted to master! Venus in Sag just can’t be contained, beaten down or held back. Life is a game so play it and play it good because whilst she loves to play she likes to come out on top too, victorious in her positivity.

We could all do with a bit of Venus in Sag at the moment, trouble is, when you’re the first planet to break a trend and shift the energy you can find yourself up against a backlash from the other planets still traversing the old terrain. So whilst Venus is happy to be embracing life above ground in all its glory, Mercury, the Sun and Saturn are still in the subterranean underworld of Scorpio tying up loose ends and may not take too kindly to the suggestion that they come out and play! And of course, as above so below: we are the planets and they are us, so we may find ourselves resisting the invitation too.

With all the intensity building right now it would be easy to dismiss this Venusian message as unrealistic and impractical. How can we possibly come out to play when there’s so much going on and so many demands being made upon our time and attention? But the fact is Venus wants to help us with all those demands by encouraging us to turn our back on them for a moment or two and find a lighter way to move through life. In doing so she is not being irresponsible, immature, or somehow blind to the enormity of these times, but instead is recognising that no one can do intensity 24/7, and anyone who thinks they can or, more significantly, thinks they should, is missing the whole point of life being all manner of things in the same moment! It doesn’t have to be either/or, it can actually be both/and. Both intense and fun; scary and exciting; depressing and hopeful; painful and liberating. Venus is trailblazing right now, reminding us that there are all manner of frequencies out there and sometimes we need to retune ourselves to a more light-hearted one, simply to shift our own energy and get the mind and spirit flowing once more.

Indeed, it is this transformative power of fun which Venus highlights now. If we can step out of the fray and do something that lightens our spirits, be it a board game or a night out, getting our long neglected paints out or a day out with the kids, simply doing these things introduces a whole new energy into our consciousness. Just as walking into the midst of an argument can bring us down or rouse our passions, stepping out into an hours’ light-hearted play can raise our energy and shift our perspective. So much so that we may decide to do it again tomorrow and the day after and in no time we’ve forged a new habit that helps to keep our energy fresh and our heart open even in the most troubling of times.

There is creativity in playfulness, liberation in committing to fun. In this respect Venus is far from irresponsible or out of touch, but in fact deeply wise. We’ve had it tough for long enough she says, time to lighten up and put a smile on our faces. It doesn’t mean we neglect what we know must be done, simply that we know it’s not all there is to life and sometimes the other sides of it need to get a look in!

Sarah Varcas

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