9th October 2015: Mercury Stations Direct in Libra Conjunct the North Node

by Sarah on 07/10/2015


  Ever more deeply held in the web of becoming, we are made new by the evolutionary forces that flood this planet, of which Mercury is currently a powerful agent of change


Shaping Our Destiny


Sarah Varcas

Having been retrograde since 17th September, Mercury turns direct in the first degree of Libra. As it does so we may look back over the past few weeks wondering what on earth just happened! Mercury was last in this degree on 27th / 28th August, so issues from back then may resurface now. Coinciding with an eclipse season, this retrograde passage has been visceral in its challenges and unrelenting in its force. For those held firmly in its crosshairs, it has thrown the very fundamentals of life into free fall, raising the deepest and oftentimes most challenging questions about life, love and liberty in a world aflame with transformation.

This Mercury alerts us to the realm of relationship, demanding we engage ever more deeply with what it means to live an individuated life as an integral part of the whole. Balancing the need to compromise for the greater good with expression of our unique individuality is a profound and immediate challenge facing us all. How do we satisfy our drive for independent expression whilst honouring our inherent symbiosis with all forms of life? No longer can we unthinkingly prioritise personal desire over collective well-being without profound consequences for life upon this planet. Awakening to our unified state means also awakening to our potential for self-destruction if we choose to ignore unity in favour of selfish, short-lived satisfaction. It is vital, now, to find life affirming ways to occupy this planet and embrace our shared destiny, no longer demanding more than is our fair share to satisfy an ego-driven need for stimulation and power. Fulfilment from here on in must be found in the lightest touch that honours the wellspring of creation that is our planetary home. It must be sought not in worldly gain and influence but in a deep knowing that life itself will shape our path and fill our heart with all we need and more, abundantly and without limits once we step into its flow.

Mercury reminds us the most important relationship we’ll ever have is with ourselves; with our own mind and heart, ego and spirit. How we conduct it shapes everything about our individual and collective futures. Balance is vital, as is humility and the willingness to sacrifice egoic gain for a commitment to shared survival, not human dominion. It is not a quaint analogy that says we are interconnected like cells of a single organism, it is plain and simple fact. What we do to each other we do to ourselves, and how we treat ourselves ripples through the web of becoming that stretches into deepest space. The power we, as humans, hold in our hands is breathtaking. We must prove our worthiness of such gravitas in the capacity to embrace and embody a whole new way to fulfil our purpose on planet earth.

Mercury has shaken us awake to a deeper relatedness in recent weeks, together with eclipses that have shifted the very ground beneath our feet. It will continue to shift and shake, groan and heave. This is the way of it now. We are changing, deeply, and there’s no going back. Whoever we thought we were, whatever we thought life was about, we weren’t even close and the coming weeks have more insight to share. Stagnant energy and stale situations are being cleared away, ready for life to be known afresh and the familiar in a new and radiant light. Prepare to be surprised, shocked and shaken ever wider awake. Everything is changing, as are we. Ever more deeply held in the web of becoming, we are made new by the evolutionary forces that flood this planet, of which Mercury is currently a powerful agent of change.

Sarah Varcas

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