9th / 10th January 2016: New Moon in Capricorn

by Sarah on 05/01/2016


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Pragmatic Healing


Sarah Varcas

The Moon is new in the 20th degree of Capricorn at 1:32 a.m. on 10th January UT. Aspecting both Jupiter and Chiron it may dig at old wounds but only to open them for deeper healing. It’s no use implementing surface repairs which simply lock the poison in. If we think we should present a certain face to the world and hide our true nature that’s exactly what happens: beneath that face all manner of toxins build with no way out. This Moon wants to release those toxins, free up stuck energy and enable our system to re-establish balance at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Of course, balance is unlikely to be restored in the blink of an eye, but the action of this New Moon can speed up the process if we let it. The more fully we can allow ourselves to feel the emotions locked into old wounds – the burn of unforgiveness, the bitter taste of resentment, the whirlwind of rage or the oppressive force of depression – the more fully we can receive the healing graces available now. It takes time for emotional wounds to heal. Forgiveness doesn’t mean saying ‘I forgive you’, it means fully processing the hurt and pain, acknowledging its impact and allowing it to speak its truths. Thus the wounded energetic charge diminishes in the light of compassionate consciousness. Likewise, depression is not healed by painting on a smile and making positive statements, but by working with the suppressed energy that lies rejected in dusty corners of our psyche we have dared not explore.

With Mercury now retrograde in Capricorn alongside this Moon, we have the perfect opportunity to see how we keep ourselves locked into life narratives that cause us pain, rather than free us from the past. The clear, no-nonsense attitude of all things Capricornian helps us see through the bluff and bluster of emotionaltiy to the clear light of truth. It’s important at such times to remember that emotions are not wrong as such. They exist for a reason and deserve our time, attention, patience, compassion and respect. They speak to us of wounds that need a healing touch, personal boundaries overstepped by others, needs unmet, destiny avoided and blessings ignored. They are an important source of information and wisdom, but we need to listen carefully to discern their true meaning, not react blindly to their every shift and mood without digging deeper to their core truth.

It may seem strange to speak so much about emotions when Capricorn, a pragmatic earth sign, is to the fore. Often affording little time to how we feel and far more to simply doing what needs to be done, it rarely promotes emotional exploration. Except this time around it does, in its own special way. For this Moon knows that if we are to act in accord with the life-giving flow of creation not the stultifying demands of ego, we need to attend to our feelings, not sweep them under the rug for another day or indulge them with no thought for their eventual release. We are emotional beings as much as we are physical or spiritual ones, and every level needs expression and attention to establish balance. This Moon wants us balanced for she knows just how effective we can be when we are, how much we get done and how wise we become when not clouded by unaddressed emotions and psychological complexes that make their mark.

So this New Moon invites us to feel our emotions – especially those we tend to avoid. We can do it bit by bit if necessary, gradually allowing them space, a voice and the freedom to release us and move on. In doing so we commit to healing our fractured selves and embracing the unbounded presence from which all things emerge.

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Sarah Varcas

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