11th – 20th January 2016: Jupiter and Eris Alignments

by Sarah on 05/01/2016


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Like Pebbles in a Pond


Sarah Varcas

Jupiter and the dwarf planet Eris align with the Sun, Mercury and Venus during this time to support us on the path ahead. We cannot and do not exist in a vacuum, and together they further clarify the connection between how we live in our private world and how we relate to our planetary home. Everything we do matters, every decision we make creates ripples of consequence. These alignments reveal our place in the unified field that connects all things and illuminate the creative power in our hands, even when we overlook it.

And it’s easy to overlook! Life can be full of situations that leave us feeling powerless, part of a huge machine mobilised to serve agendas not our own. We forget our raw energy, the life force that pulsates through us seeking expression and freedom to simply be what it is. So familiar do we become with shaping ourself to fit another’s mould, we may barely notice our spirit rising up, starved of soul-food and yearning to be heard. Instead we become aware of mounting stress, a shorter fuse, less compassion and more judgement, too much to do and not enough time. We may walk through life in a numbed out trance or wracked with anxiety, resentful of constrictions we seem unable to escape or struggling to bring about change that feels forever out of reach.

Jupiter and Eris see the dislocation so prevalent between psyche and soul, the often callous disregard the modern world affords those things that cannot be easily catalogued, categorised or understood. They honour the intuitive, the felt senses we fail to develop in a world that seems devoid of heart. They remind us there is so much more to life than this, far greater experiences to be had, connections to be made and roles to play. They want us fully alive not drained of energy and lacking inspiration. Through the current alignments they remind us we can be a powerful force for change, even when we act behind the scenes or in the privacy of our own lives. Acclaim and acknowledgement is not necessary to be a change-maker, just commitment to living from the heart, acting with wisdom and doing what’s needed to keep the spirit alive.

As they channel their influence through the Sun in Capricorn we are strengthened to stand up in the face of those forces which threaten to oppress our spirit. Through Mercury retrograde we are reminded that allowing life to express itself through us may entail some discomfort if we have to honour a force which challenges the comfortable assumptions and safe arrangements that keep us securely numb. And through Venus in Sagittarius we are reconnected with passion, vivacity and the healing power of excitement and fun. Yes: plain old, no nonsense fun. The type that makes us laugh despite everything, see the funny side of life’s challenges and fills our heart with the desire to keep on keeping on because around the next corner could be a great adventure, whatever form it takes.

However we experience these energies at play in our lives, Jupiter and Eris ask us to remember always our beautiful Mother Earth and the part we each play in her health and well-being. The more at peace we are in our own life the more space we have to contemplate her love for us and give something back. The more space we allow for a compassionate rather than stressed response to life, the more wisdom becomes available to apply to the everyday things that seem so inconsequential but matter so much: how we move through our day, interact with those whose paths we cross, how we drive, what we eat, who and what we pay attention to. Our focus is so important now, our every thought and deed a pebble in the unified pond. These alignments remind us of our inherent power no matter how out of touch with it we may have become. They urge us to reclaim it for the good of ourselves, each other and most importantly of all, the health and well-being of our breath-taking planetary home.

Sarah Varcas

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