3rd April – 4th August 2015: Ceres in Aquarius

by Sarah on 01/04/2015


Global Individuality


Sarah Varcas

Asteroid Ceres is largely in Aquarius until January 2016, returning to Capricorn between August and October. This first part of her journey through Aquarius shines light upon our relationships and how much space we allow in them for the uniqueness of ourselves and others. With the North Node still in Libra this is a timely reminder that the art of healthy relationship underpins many aspects of personal fulfilment, for nothing drains us quicker than energy wasted on conflict or seeping away through wounds reopened each time they come close to being healed. The relational field is one in which we can learn so much about ourselves and other people, where insights are born of everyday encounters and truth rises like a bubble, even when we would rather it didn’t! Ceres in Aquarius assists the expression of individuality even in the closest, most intimate relationships, and accentuates the need for freedom no matter how inter-dependent we may all be.

Just as being human necessitates that we anchor the spiritual realms on the physical plane, it also requires that we embrace our interdependence even as we strive to express our individuality. We are each unique, never before replicated, nor to be so in future. The specific conditions by which we have been shaped from the moment of our birth will not arise again in exactly the same way. No one else will ever have the exact same parents we do, not even our siblings, for every relationship shapes those within it, bringing out nuances here, dynamics there, unique to the specific interplay of one person’s energy system with another. No one’s life will reflect our own. Nobody will contribute the exact same energy to the collective awakening as you or me. Nothing can replicate who we are now. And yet everyone is equally unique, equally special. We are one and the same and yet uniquely different and living fully this paradox provides much grist for the human mill!

Ceres reminds us to honour our individuality, cherish our uniqueness, not in a divisive way that sets us apart from others, but in an inclusive way which acknowledges that same uniqueness in all beings. We are each of us precious works of art which can both stand out alone and come together to create a breathtaking gallery of colour and shape, form and imagery. We owe it to ourselves and each other to gaze in awe upon the collage that is humanity, bring to it an appreciative eye and a heart brimming with respect and love.

This alone is a challenge! Wars rage over difference, over whose life is of value, whose beliefs matter, who deserves to live or die. Humanity does not naturally gravitate towards acceptance of individuality, instead perceiving difference as a threat to cohesion. And yet everyone seeks recognition for who they are, to be loved and accepted, embraced and treated with respect, even as we mete out the opposite to others! We are complex beings and changing the nature of our world takes commitment and a willingness to see through very different eyes. This is the task of the Aquarian Age: to recognise the inherent worth in every single living creature and to act accordingly; to express our uniqueness and allow for the same expression in others, whilst maintaining a cohesive understanding of our interconnectedness at the most fundamental level. This is a revolutionary way to live which disrupts the ‘us and them’ of political, religious and even spiritual discourse. We are truly all in this together and embracing that fact within every relationship, every connection we forge with another, is vital to the evolutionary process now.

Ceres in Aquarius reminds us the soul is nourished when we are seen for who we are. No longer needing to hide through shame or fear, the eyes of acknowledgement and love liberate us from powerful bonds that have oppressed us all throughout history. We can be those eyes for each other, acknowledging uniqueness everywhere, within and without. If we all do this together we will each, bit by bit, begin to experience the freedom of simply being ourselves and allowing others to do the same. It won’t be born overnight, this new world, just as the Aquarian Age takes centuries to be fully manifest, but for every moment that we recognise the beauty in another’s quirkiness, the value in difference, the right for people to just be who they are, is planted another seed of respect in the collective field of the unified heart. As barriers between people soften, the objectification of people, of animals, of this very planet is harder to sustain and we move, as a collective, towards unity and acceptance rather than division and judgement.

Ceres knows what we need and she knows it is we who must deliver: love, acceptance, respect, honour and the space to simply be. For you, for me, for everyone, changing the world one moment of acceptance at a time.

Sarah Varcas

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