2nd – 10th September 2015: Black Moon Lilith Conjunct the Sun in Virgo

by Sarah on 01/09/2015


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Image: “She” by Gary Rosenberg


We Are Destiny


Sarah Varcas

The Sun and Black Moon Lilith begin the month with a sharp reminder that we are our own destiny. The future of this planet rests in our hands, and never more than now have we had the power to steer a new course and shape our collective fortune. Mother Earth cries out for our attention. Many people of this world are in turmoil and crisis points are erupting. To fully embrace current events can be an overwhelming experience and many fear we have gone too far to claw our way back to a safe point. Others simply look away, focusing only on their individual life, seeking to secure an easier one with little regard for future consequences. Shaking us out of such malaise, the heavens alert us to an influential month ahead during which we can call upon strength and power previously out of reach.

But it takes courage and a belly full of fierce compassion that says ‘no more’ to the relentless advance of egoic agendas. Black Moon Lilith invites us to know ourselves as forces of great change, of alchemy and rebirth. She reminds us that we see ourselves too small, too powerless, too personal. We need to expand, recognise our limitlessness, our influence upon the shape of this world which belongs to all life everywhere, not only the privileged few. Black Moon Lilith lights a fire within us, to burn evermore brightly as the month advances. She exhorts us to know ourselves as the refugee, the outcast, the species nearing extinction, the land deluged by rains it cannot contain, consumed by fires that cannot be extinguished or drought which threatens to decimate huge swathes of the planet. None of this is pleasant or polite. If we want waking up to be pleasing we’d best do it elsewhere, for to wake up on planet earth right now entails embracing the devastation we have wrought upon her as a consequence of human activity across millennia.

And yet we are here, in the midst of it all, looking to the cosmos for wisdom, to the universe for guidance. In doing so we indicate our willingness to be part of the solution and the heavens embrace our intention with great joy. Black Moon Lilith can intimidate but it is never her intention to do so. All she wants is us empowered, awake in full knowledge of our limitless potential. She sees how we shy away from her, fearing her unrelenting energy which may flow through us as rage or resistance, deep determination or a ‘NO!’ that shatters windows far and wide. We draw back from alignment with her unrelenting force, for our comfort zone is small and her world vastly unbounded. We’re not sure how it will feel out there, to fight for a cause or change our life so radically that much of it has no choice but to drop away.

When Black Moon Lilith comes to visit we may be equally terrified and fascinated by her presence. Imagine what we could achieve with her unremitting power flowing through our veins! Imagine the sheer joy of freedom from fear, of simply being able to do what’s required regardless of all those concerns we carry day in day out: What will ‘they’ think? What will happen to me if I speak out? How do I protect my security above all else? How do I let go so much that defines me in the interests of our collective well-being? Imagine a world in which we can speak out and act for the common good knowing that in doing so we protect each other, exalt the diminished, humble the powerful and bring our planet and all who live upon her into a state of balance.

Black Moon Lilith tells us we can do it. Not immediately in one fell swoop or the blink of an eye, but we can do it. We can change in ways we can barely imagine, create communities like none before, offer solace and refuge to those in need and protect our beautiful planet. We can do all of this with the will to follow through, to stand firm, to place our collective future above our personal present. She is our courageous friend who fills us with gall and a passion for progress. Progress which affirms the sanctity of all life, the preciousness of our world and the debt we owe to Mother Nature from whom we have taken so much in our quest for dominance.

As she aligns with the Sun, our very life force expressed as will, she assures us we have all that it takes to make the in-coming age one of compassionate justice, freedom and respect; of wisdom and grounded spirituality which knows all things as one. She sees our fear and reticence – our impulse to turn away – and offers spiritual backbone to look directly where we must, knowing that we are, indeed, creators of our own destiny.

Sarah Varcas

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