29th August – 4th September 2015: Neptune Opposing the Sun

by Sarah on 26/08/2015


Neptune opposing the Sun, Neptune in Pisces, Sun in Virgo,
Image: “State of Grace” by Gary Rosenberg


An Endless Arrival


Sarah Varcas

This alignment is born at the Full Moon, sustaining its graces. The reminder that we are one with source will colour the change of month. We may find ourselves at one minute aligned with this truth, the next struggling to comprehend it. Neptune in Pisces wants nothing more than dissolution into unity with All That Is. The Sun in Virgo seeks a more discerning experience of wholeness which has everything in its right place. The two can seem mutually exclusive, for the very notion of a right (and, by implication, a wrong) place challenges the perspective that perfection is simply removal of all that divides. The spiritual tension existing between these two planets points us to the very heart of what it means to be whole, to know oneself as Sacred Source, for in that tension we discover the divine paradox that allows both to be true.

In the world of form where you are you, I am me and identity is a pre-requisite to everything, we lose sight of that which exists before and behind our self-perceptions. We may swing from one extreme to the other, knowing the peace of transcendence one moment and the pain of humanity the next. From bliss to despair and back again can be an exhausting ride, but the path of awakening is littered with just such extremes which confound or inspire, delight or dishearten. As we approach an eclipse season beginning on 6th September, the heavens remind us that this is simply the way of the human realm in which we are spirit made flesh, seeking other dimensions in which to know itself. It was never going to be a straight forward journey from ‘here’ to ‘there’. As multidimensional awareness we are found in all things, mundane and divine, egoic and selfless, physical and spiritual. An acceptance of exactly this – that the fundamental nature of life is an infinite paradox -lays the foundation for peace no matter what.

Which is exactly the kind of peace that sustains us through an eclipse season without undue stress! During a time of rapid change and unexpected occurrences, accepting that life comes with all manner of twists and turns avoids wasting energy on what we can’t control and puts it to better use living fully each moment regardless. Neptune may tell us there’s a better way, an easier path, a way out that avoids going through, but the Sun in Virgo reminds us that awakening is born of wisdom not guile. Allowing timely awareness to arise as we connect open-heartedly to life is a shrewd investment in our future freedom, born of an insightful present. Balance is vital between escapist flight into spirit and investment in the density which keeps us anchored to the material plane.

The coming weeks promise both liberation and challenge in equal measure! As eclipses approach all bets are off, and whilst this blank slate of possibility can leave us unsettled or fearful, it affirms the truth that whatever happens is the only thing that could arise from the constellation of feelings, thoughts, behaviours and circumstances out of which is born each present. To change the future we must contribute new thoughts and feelings, fresh behaviours and novel perspectives, for we are partners with life, not victims of it, shaping the elements that form our every day.
This alignment reminds us there is always more. The infinite journey into our endless divinity promises an ever-increasing awareness of other realms. But it happens whilst we live and breathe in this one, sharing space with one another and grounding spirit in the material world as much as we transcend physicality to embrace spirit. This part takes care and attention, wise discernment and a compassionate response which impacts all things. The Sun in Virgo reminds us everything has its own place and our task is to discover ours: that place where life flows, where we live in accord with its blossoming, fulfilled by its design. Neptune in Pisces affirms that no matter who or where we are, life is already complete – perfect by design and lacking nothing. There is no ‘either/or’, no ‘right and wrong’, just an endless arrival into Sacred Source out of which we have all become.

Sarah Varcas

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