26th February 2017: Solar Eclipse in 9th Degree of Pisces at 2:54 p.m. GMT

by Sarah on 23/02/2017


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Extraordinary and True


Sarah Varcas

With four planets in Aries and five in Pisces, this eclipse speaks of over-due endings and fresh starts. A new way of being is in reach, born of wisdom gleaned from past experience and freedom from shackles that no longer bind. But these endings may not match our expectations, and if we’re waiting for the new to prove itself before letting go the old we may find ourselves frozen by fear, consumed by indecision or unhelpfully resistant to unavoidable change.

Which is why this eclipse requires an act of faith and a warrior spirit, all wrapped up in a ‘can do’ attitude which balks at the notion that the next step is too hard, too challenging or not what we’d planned. As such, it asks of us a lot but if we take a deep breath, resolve to stay the course and do what needs to be done it brings great strength and profound wisdom: direct experience of the divine as our personal source of knowledge and power. Ancestral trauma, family karma and inherited pain are all raised as issues at this eclipse. The coming six months will provide powerful opportunities to turn our wise and compassionate attention toward them, bringing to a close long-established patterns rooted within and beyond our lives.

This eclipse speaks of freedom to claim as our own: an opportunity to step into the light of our unique individuality, shaped – but not contained – by all that’s gone before. It raises issues of self and other, me and you, standing together or breaking apart to do life alone. Whilst a solar eclipse in Pisces may be seen as a time of gentle reflection, this one is anything but. And whilst the essence of Pisces is unbounded communion with All That Is, we may now feel strongly the divisions which crystallise into ‘you’ and ‘me’, no longer able to tolerate the cost of pretending they don’t exist.

If we’ve been waiting so long for change, struggling with conditions that seem forever stuck, held back by old habits, unhealthy relationships, past pain or memories too good to let go, we now encounter a window of opportunity to leap forward into the new. As such, this eclipse sorts those who truly want to change NOW, from those who like the idea of change but ‘maybe I’ll just wait and see’. With Venus, Mars, Uranus and Eris in Aries, we have a veritable powerhouse of energy to invest in starting over anew, cutting the ties which bind us to the past and seeing the world through new eyes, staying strong in hope, resolved in our intent and committed to walking a fresh path from here on in. Where doing so brings sorrow – grief over lost love, opportunities that passed us by, hope unfulfilled – the Sun, Moon, Chiron, Neptune and Mercury in Pisces soothe our pain and enable feelings to flow until the quietude that signals new life emerges in their wake.

Whilst some endings may be foisted upon us by circumstance, other peoples’ choices or good old fashioned ‘fate’, others we must initiate, deciding once and for all that the old way no longer works and change is well overdue. If we await incontrovertible proof we’re doing the right thing, we may miss this opportunity in a haze of anxiety and fear. The truth is we can never really know, for every decision lives its own life once set in motion by our thoughts, words and deeds. All we can do is follow the nudges within that speak of possibility and potential, of courage and commitment, of a path bearing many crossroads that will test our mettle, open our heart and strengthen our soul.

This is a time of choices and those made now with a bold heart and courageous spirit carry alchemical force to change our lives. It’s okay to feel fear, to experience the buzz of anxiety as we contemplate life renewed and imagine walking away from circumstances that have consumed so much of us to date. The challenge is to stand firm despite it and make the change that liberates possibility and releases potential. For in doing so, the coming six months promise profound renewal which will anchor us ever deeper into a life both extraordinary and true.

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