22nd/23rd July 2014: Sun Enters Leo

by Sarah on 17/07/2014


Fire LionImage: Gary Rosenberg


 Where the Sun Shines Brightest


Sarah Varcas

The sun enters Leo at 9:42 pm GMT and is conjunct Jupiter as it does so. This is fire plus: the ball of fire which sustains life on our planet enters its own sign bolstered by the biggest planet in our solar system who just wants to expand on everything! So if you’ve been feeling a bit too watery of late, or stuck in a muddy morass of challenging emotions, this sunny shift may well be a big aid to recharging your batteries and reclaiming some get-up-and-go!

In its own sign the sun shines brightest but, as we all know, fire needs to be respected and used well in order for it to be a creative rather than destructive force. Leonine energies can either warm and encourage or inflate us beyond all recognition of our interconnectedness through the collective field of being. It is vital, therefore, in the coming solar month (that is, the time taken for the sun to move through one zodiac sign) we remember not only that we are unique individuals with our own special contribution to make, but everyone else is equally unique and vital. We all have our own me-shaped place in the sun, but we must be prepared to share it!

We will be aided in this challenge by Mars in Libra who squares the sun as it enters Leo. If we push ourselves too far forward, expecting special treatment or recognition at the expense of others, we’ll soon get a quick rap across the knuckles from the universe! On the other hand, if we’re prepared to shine brightly through our gifts and offerings to the world, be they in the form of knowledge, ability or presence, whilst knowing that the best outcome is one that benefits the greater good above all else, we will receive enormous cosmic support in the coming weeks.

The key is awareness and maintaining our connection with the wider energy field around us. It will give us all the feedback we need if we allow it to do so. Scratch that! It will give us all the feedback we need full stop! The question is, will we pay attention?! And the answer must be ‘yes we will’ if we want to play our part to its fullest potential. If we need an injection of confidence to step forward to be seen and heard, we can receive it this month. If we need encouragement to continue in our pursuit of a long cherished dream we can receive that too. If we need a vision of our life in which we are fully alive and radiating our own unique and vibrant energy out into the world around us, we can receive that too. But if we allow ourselves to become too full of our own specialness, too eager to have things work out our way, too intent on shaping life rather than allowing life to shape us, we may find ourselves faced, in the coming weeks, with the consequences of our flawed thinking.

There is much talk about the role of ego in the spiritual life and often it is demonised or painted as something that we must somehow batter into submission. On the other hand it is glorified, albeit without such glorification being acknowledged as such. If our spiritual beliefs and practice seek material gain as a consequence, we are using them to placate ego not to mature it into a healthy interface between our inner and outer worlds. Which is not to say that material gain may not result from spiritual development, only that once it becomes the express goal above and beyond the pursuit of wisdom and truth, ego is back in the driving seat again.

A central task of the Leonine path is to develop a healthy ego which can serve the Divine without obstacle or objection. A common pitfall of it is ego becoming the ‘be all and end all’ with the Divine not getting a look in! Throughout the coming weeks we all have an opportunity to experience this path in action in our lives, our hearts, minds and spirits. We will all be challenged to be who we are without guile or apology, whilst making space for others to do the same and for the Divine to speak through us all. It’s a fine line to walk. It takes wisdom and discernment; the courage to be noticed and the humility to make way for others upon whom the sun must also shine. But most of all it takes faith, that if we all do our part the outcome will be way beyond anything we could ever dream, and if we all receive the sun’s warmth we will have what it takes to both shine and be invisible in equal measure, according to the needs of the moment and the whispers of the Divine.

Sarah Varcas

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