21st / 22nd June – 22nd / 23rd July 2015: Sun in Cancer

by Sarah on 16/06/2015


Sun in Cancer, divine presence, inner and outer peace, spiritual practice in everyday life, Saturn in Scorpio, Moon in Leo
Image: “Reaching Out” by Gary Rosenberg


Divine Intervention Every Day


Sarah Varcas

The Sun enters Cancer at 4:39 pm GMT on 21st June, aligning with both the Moon in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio as it does so, setting the tone for the coming month. This alignment is expansive, enhancing the current theme of new insights and fresh possibilities, but it also provides staying power to balance some of our more ephemeral feelings and inspirations in the coming weeks.

This Sun in Cancer poses a question: how does one live on the surface when working spiritually in one’s depths? This is a perennial enquiry for those on the path of awakening, for the activity required to uncover and nurture intimacy with one’s soul must take its place alongside the apparent mundanities of everyday life: work, paying the bills, putting food on the table. How does one explore the depths of the soul, unveil the shadow, work through trauma and embrace divine bliss whilst in line at the supermarket checkout or cleaning the toilet?! How do we shape a future which feeds our soul whilst navigating a life which seems, at times, to do nothing but starve it?

The heavens remind us now that everyday life will reveal those parts of us in need most deeply of divine intervention, not in the form of some all-powerful entity who descends upon us, but in terms of our willingness to welcome the sacred into the most mundane aspects of life. The very act of doing so nurtures a relationship with our daily routine which feeds our soul as much as the deepest spiritual repose. We come to recognise that the divine has dwelt in the midst of the ordinary all along, shaping us through each breath and every heartbeat. If we know the sacred only in its more sublime, otherworldly forms or its more challenging shape of our shadow exposed for healing, we may miss its most common face of that stranger on the bus, the vegetables in our dinner, the paper upon which our shopping list is scrawled! There exists nothing not infused with sacred source, no matter how hard spotting it may sometimes be.

The Sun now supports deep spiritual enquiry which reveals the ever-present nature of the sacred throughout daily life and fosters the enduring inner strength which comes from knowing ourselves as divine inside and out, even as we make small talk with a neighbour or drive to work. It reminds us that the duality of ‘spiritual’ / ’not spiritual’ is a false perception and the depths to which we awaken are reflected in even the most mundane of tasks. We cannot separate the divine from any part of our life but we can all too easily overlook it when it doesn’t take the form we expect.

As we embody sacred source ever more deeply, life on the surface begins to change. Colours sharpen, synchronicities increase, we become aware of a deeper presence that penetrates existence, infusing it with a vibrancy previously lacking. To the extent we are willing to bring together the depths and the surface, to unite the two into one all-encompassing experience of awakening, we will know this vibrancy as our own life force flowing through us, waking us up in every moment to the multi-dimensional nature of reality. This relationship with the divine connects us to something far greater than we could ever imagine, which sustains us through the challenges of deep spiritual enquiry and energises the expression of sacred source on the surface.

It’s a challenge, to connect the depths to the surface and live one amidst the other. Authenticity and integrity are needed to honour our deeper truths in a world which may seem devoid of soul in favour of convenience, denial or artifice. But the more we can forge an enduring connection between the two, the more powerful the presence of the divine becomes for we allow it to flow as it must, weaving its way through our life, shaping as it goes. No one wants to live in a box and the divine is no exception! It wants to be lived fully, passionately, without guile or hesitation, resonant in every breath taken, every thought, word and deed. To characterise it only as a rarefied experience is to betray its omnipresent nature, rendering it extraordinary and a poor fit for everyday life. Nothing could be further from the truth! The divine is everywhere and in all things. It is completely down to earth even as it becomes infinite space. It wants out of the box of ‘special’ and free reign in the cut and thrust of the everyday where it can reveal its many faces and work its deepest magic as we walk down the street, take the kids to school, sit at our desk or clean the floor.

The divine is our constant companion that we all too easily ignore. The coming month invites us to acknowledge the breathtaking beauty of its presence in the minutiae and trivialities of everyday life, transforming them, like magic, into divine intervention of the most practical and reassuring kind.

Sarah Varcas

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