23rd – 30th June 2015: The Sun Squaring the Moon’s Nodes

by Sarah on 16/06/2015


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Discerning the Path of the Soul


Sarah Varcas

The Sun begins to square the Moon’s nodes a couple of days after entering Cancer. This combination of air (North Node in Libra) and water (Sun in Cancer) provides plenty of ideas that stir the emotions and feelings that trigger the imagination, but a current lack of earth energy makes it harder to turn ideas into action. If we want to reach the end of this month with plenty to show for our efforts we may be a bit disappointed. If, however, we value the creative act of imagining the future even as it remains unmanifest, there is plenty of cosmic support around.

This final week of June is essentially a time to discern the soul’s path in the coming months by attending to our feelings, the opinions of others and environmental responses, all of which combine to reveal the best focus for our energy. We are not alone in this discernment but in the midst of a universe-wide process of recalibration and expansion. We can readily call upon the power of the cosmos to assist us, not least because there is something of a ‘crystal ball’ quality to the heavens right now. We may see all manner of possibility but the steps required to make it reality could be out of focus. This is a time of inspiration but not one to make rigid plans and commitments. Energy is fluid now and what feels ‘right’ one day may feel less so the next, not because we were wrong but because everything is in a state of flux and reaching our destination may require stopping off briefly at all manner of staging-posts along the way. A prospect which fires and inspires us may not, in fact, be where we are headed at all but necessary simply to change our energy and shift our focus. Every single life contains so many potentialities that we sometimes have to work through several in a short space of time to discern that which truly speaks to our soul and calls itself into being.

When in Cancer the Sun is sensitive and sentimental. It fosters an emotional connection to life. Common sense won’t wash unless what makes sense logically also feels right. When squaring the Moon’s Nodes it is torn between the familiar comfort of the way things were and the exciting but nonetheless unsettling prospect of new adventures on the horizon. Their presence may trigger anxiety and trepidation as much as excited anticipation so we need to handle our feelings with care, not dismissing fears about the future nor allowing them to distort our view. Right now, examining our fears and allowing them to speak is timely and encouraged. We can explore why certain prospects make us feel the way they do, and discern what this means. It may simply be that energy shifting to manifest fresh potential feels a lot like anxiety, when in fact it is our creative juices beginning to flow as our spirit draws in bright new energy for a new beginning.

As we engage with this process of discernment the North Node in Libra reminds us that extremes are often necessary to achieve balance. We may need to entertain the outrageous and highly improbable alongside the boringly predictable before we can settle at something inbetween which both stretches and reassures in equal measure. The cosmos is currently awash with possibility, but not the ‘substance’ needed to manifest it. That comes later. Right now we can plug ourselves into the energetic field of potential and, like entering a virtual world, know it from the inside. We can imagine pursuing the array of goals set out before us, making the choices they present to see how they feel. As we engage with the future in this way our spirit speaks, as does the world around us and the heavens above. Feedback is given through our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations, through the responses of others and the flow, or otherwise, of information or events which help or hinder progress.

This is a testing time but in the most creative sense: not a time that tests us but a time for us to test out the future, to see what fits, what speaks to us, what lights our way or plunges us into fog. It is time to try out scenarios – running them through our minds and hearts – and then to sit in a listening silence or simply sleep on it and see what our dreams have to share. In doing this we put to the best use possible the cosmic wave of creative potential engulfing us now, ready for when the time is ripe to put plans into action and manifest our dreams in the months to come.

Sarah Varcas

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