20th/21st March – 20th April 2015: Sun in Aries

by Sarah on 17/03/2015




Sarah Varcas

The Sun enters Aries eleven hours after the Solar Eclipse in the final degree of Pisces. Here we see the end and the beginning, one and the same. The ouroboros, the snake which forever consumes its own tail, is alive and well as the Sun begins a new passage around the zodiac. The awesome power of the total solar eclipse which brought closure to so many, is fuelled at its very core by this birth of a new cycle which will cast lost opportunities in a very different light. As the Sun travels through Aries and we continue to be bathed in the eclipse energies, sharp clarity arises. With it we can view the past not as we perceived it to be but as it really was, and the present through equally incisive eyes. Veils have fallen which previously softened the outline of truth. Here we stand naked as the day we were born and the rejuvenated Sun bids us embrace the evolutionary imperative with increasingly deeper commitment.

The ouroboros speaks of ever renewing cycles, the death which becomes, in its darkest hour, a birth of the new. But at its deepest level it reflects the initiatory spark of creation, the primal force of becoming which exists forever as an imprint within every conditioned thing: the unified state out of which all distinct things emerge and to which they eventually return. In Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, the Sun reminds us that the moment of first creation lives on through us and our every breath. We are fuelled by the same spark of becoming that set the darkened firmament aflame and continues to create as it fulfils its infinitely expanding nature.

That spark… It is you. It is me. It is every thought and feeling we have ever had, every act or inaction, every assertion or avoidance. All that we are and all that we do is fuelled by the most creative, transformational energy in the entire universe. No matter how often we may believe ourselves to be nothing and no one, inconsequential and powerless, the sacred truth is so very different it will blow our cosmic socks off!! We are the Big Bang, Aristotle’s Prime Mover, The Word that was God. We are the Alpha and Omega, beginning and end, the first breath and the final sigh. We are all of it and everything.

And THAT is why we need to grow wise and seek the truth. For only then can we put this awesome power at our disposal to its divinely ordained use. Without wisdom, without presence enough to feel into truth beyond the mutterings of the egoic mind, we are like children in charge of a tank, crushing anything and everything in our path without the knowledge or means to do otherwise. We can act with influence beyond measure when we do so in alignment with the god-force, but our power is not diminished when we don’t, it simply becomes an egoic force not a sacred one, imposing its own will upon ourselves, others and the world around us. It relinquishes the right to sacred presence in favour of a secure and predictable life.

Energy never disappears, it simply changes its vibration according to the way it is channelled and the circuits through which it runs. We need to ensure that our circuit is wired up to the god(dess)-force, earthed through our planetary Mother and free of hindrances that distract us from the path of awakening. It is more vital now than ever that we simply accept evolution comes first, no ifs, buts or maybes! Not because it is best for us (which, of course, it is!), but because we owe it to our beautiful living, breathing planet, who has sustained us through thick and thin, suffering all manner of abuse and disrespect from her children as we stumble throughout history in an increasing state of unconsciousness.

This arrival of the Sun into Aries within hours of the eclipse calls out of us a new level of commitment. An old cycle is now complete, never to return. We loved and lost and loved again. We built achievements and forged identities, gave ourselves to the world and the world responded. At times it was beautiful, breathtakingly so; at others troublesome and tumultuous with yet one thing and then another battering against the edifice we had built around our heart. This is life in all its magnificence. There is so much more of it to be lived as we embark on a powerful new beginning which feeds a deeper, more profound commitment: to simply honour and realise Truth in all that we are and everything we do. As much as our mind may tell us this is hard, our heart simply nods in agreement. It knows truth is the only way and it forever expands to embrace it.

Sarah Varcas

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