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18th September 2015 – 20th December 2017: Saturn in Sagittarius

by Sarah 15 September 2015

    The Crucible of Manifestation By Sarah Varcas Many will celebrate Saturn’s final departure from Scorpio. It’s been tough going. The combination of Saturn’s insistence that we assume responsibility for our lives and Scorpio’s demand that we embrace even the darkest and most difficult aspects of the self has necessitated facing up to some […]

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20th/21st March – 20th April 2015: Sun in Aries

by Sarah 17 March 2015

  Image: “Sun in Aries Ouroboros” by Brian Varcas   Ouroboros By Sarah Varcas   The Sun enters Aries eleven hours after the Solar Eclipse in the final degree of Pisces. Here we see the end and the beginning, one and the same. The ouroboros, the snake which forever consumes its own tail, is alive […]

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23rd December 2014: Saturn enters Sagittarius

by Sarah 17 December 2014

      Evolution or Entropy? By Sarah Varcas   Saturn will be in Sagittarius until June 2015 when it returns to Scorpio for its final brief visit. This point in the cycle of Saturn is a time to take stock of all we have learned in the previous two years. It is time to […]

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December 2014 Astro-Energy Report

by Sarah 1 December 2014

       Playing Our Part for the Planet By Sarah Varcas   The final month of 2014 is dominated by the penultimate exact Uranus/Pluto square mid month (14th/15th December). With it we enter the grand finale of this potent alignment which has been with us since 2012 and finally begins to fade come April […]

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14th – 21st November 2014: Saturn Conjunct the Sun in Scorpio

by Sarah 12 November 2014

      Attitude and Awakening by Sarah Varcas   The coming week is characterised by this aspect which will require some patience on our part. The Sun finds it tough to shine with Saturn on its back and we may feel the same. Life can take on a heaviness which can easily get us […]

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1st/2nd October 2014: Quarter Moon in Capricorn

by Sarah 25 September 2014

      Occupy Utopia by Sarah Varcas   The waxing quarter Moon occurs in the 9th degree of Capricorn at 7:34 pm on 1st October GMT. Coinciding with the start of the month, this Moon provides encouragement for the weeks ahead and, together with the Sun, reminds us that a return to the still […]

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