17th – 22nd December 2015: Venus in Scorpio Trines Chiron in Pisces

by Sarah on 15/12/2015


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Faith in the Process


Sarah Varcas

This aspect connecting two water signs offers some solace at what is a fairly intense time energy-wise! Venus provides companionship amidst some of the more difficult emotions around right now. She knows the darkness as well as the light and is comfortable in all of it, as can we be when held in her gentle embrace. The pressure to conform to certain ways of being, thinking and feeling can be felt as a prison now Saturn is in Sagittarius and squaring Neptune. We may yearn for release and freedom from belief systems that have previously offered security. Alternatively we may find ourselves lost and floundering, as recent clarity gives way to confusion and we struggle to know quite how to make sense of the world. Either way our understanding of ourselves, life and all that we encounter within it is currently under pressure with emotions running high as a result.

Which is why this alignment is so beautifully timed, for it enables us to acknowledge and embrace whatever’s going on inside: the confusion, frustration, doubt, fear. Whatever it is, Chiron and Venus have our back and remind us that the universe is vast enough to contain all that we think and feel if we only offer it up rather than cling on, trying to work it all out for ourselves. Suggesting an act of faith rather than intellectual will, this trine can relieve mental tension and emotional stress, allowing us to simply not know where it all goes from here and be okay with that for a while. The heavens assure us we don’t need to have everything worked out. We simply have to allow for the fact that this is a process and where we currently find ourselves will not last forever, wherever it may be.

Chiron in Pisces invites us to receive deep healing which overcomes separation and isolation, building a bridge back into the depths of the sacred where our true heart dwells. Everyday life can dislocate us from this place and therefore from our very selves. We may end up parched of inner nourishment, running on empty because conscious connection with Source is lost. For those feeling this way, the heavens reach out the gentlest hand to lead us back home. Think of it as a cosmic reminder about what is true: we are never separated from the creative source of the universe for it is us, one and the same. And yet we can feel desperately isolated from it at times. Stress, anxiety, fear, the intensifying demands of everyday life can drag us ever further from this awareness. Hence the need for a reminder! No matter how overwhelmed by life we may feel, the divine forever calls us home, which is here, right now, inside of us.

Uranus in Aries adds further depth to this healing aspect, reminding us that the enormity of our being is diminished when we endeavour to keep everything under control. It assures us life is not to be controlled but to be lived. Its expansiveness forever seared through our soul, even as our egoic self may struggle to keep thoughts, feelings and events to a ‘manageable’ size. Venus and Chiron soothe our troubled hearts right now, returning us to a balanced connection with the divine. Through them we can experience firsthand the vastness that we truly are, unadulterated by the demands of others, the overwhelm of the modern world or the pressure of a restless and anxious mind.

Sarah Varcas

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