15th – 28th February 2015: Venus Conjunct Mars

by Sarah on 11/02/2015


Diminished No More


Sarah Varcas

Mars and Venus carry the archetypal energy of male and female, polar opposites which join to create a whole. Frequently encountered through our experience of gender, it has often been observed that women identify more easily with their Venus and men with their Mars. This has led some to assume that we can only discover our ‘opposite’ planet (Mars for a woman and Venus for a man) in another person to whom we are attracted because they carry our missing half to make us whole. This depiction of the relationship between the sexes – that we are somehow diminished without the ‘other’, who is, by necessity, our ‘opposite’- is fodder for deep enquiry now. As we journey ever deeper into the burgeoning Aquarian Age we cannot allow ourselves to be dictated to by dualistic scripts so often repeated as fact that they have become our internal landscape, unchallenged and unmapped. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t have both Venus and Mars in their birth chart! And unless one of those planets is going to drop out of the sky, no such person will ever be born! We both have a personal Venus and a personal Mars and at this time of awakening it is imperative that we own them and recognise that gender is something other than an incomplete state seeking wholeness through another.

The relationship between the sexes has been the cause of endless suffering for billions of people throughout millennia. The deep wounds of patriarchy continue to fester around the world and it is easy to sink into despair at the prospect of global change. Women and girls the world over are treated as chattels and boys and men brutalised to continue this inhumanity. Ultimately there are no winners in patriarchy, for even those holding the keys to power have sacrificed their humanity to own them, and each imbalanced act we undertake in this life will seek balance in another, somewhere, somehow. We cannot escape the consequences of our choices only delay them. Nor can we stand aside from the world into which we have been born and refuse to acknowledge what we have created, for in being alive we are part of the landscape, the collective mind and heart which is living these experiences here and now. In being alive we can be part of the problem or part of the solution, perpetually divided or seeking wholeness in which opposites can become one, not to address lack but to simply create something altogether new.

This alignment between Venus and Mars reminds us that we contain all that we need within us. At our very core exists an infinite supply of pure energy: the god force, sacred source. It is neither male nor female, passive nor active, giving nor receiving. It simply is. And in being so can be all of these things and more. This still presence which rests at our core needs nothing and no one for it is all things and everyone. When we align with that, identification with duality ceases. We become one as the sacred is one. We enter into the realm not of nothing but of everything, every opposite, every contradiction, every paradox resides there in peaceful repose, for the sacred knows that contradiction and duality is the final illusion out of which we emerge into awakening. There is no need to resolve or reconcile, only to experience, see through and recognise that even the physical body is simply a vehicle which we shed as readily as we picked it up, when the time is right.

The journey into the Aquarian Age demands of us a willingness to change some perspectives so radically we may feel the very ground beneath our feet has been torn from us. The relationship between the sexes, and with our own internal opposites, is up for radical overhaul. Mars and Venus now aligned invite us to place all beliefs and assumptions, behaviours and expectations on the altar. We must be prepared to let them all go and embrace the next moment in a spirit of complete unknowing. For only in doing so can we come to know the deeper truth of what it means to be in a gendered body fuelled by a sacred source which rests beyond all identification and dualities.

It can be an exciting journey in which we are all made anew, not as androgynous clones neither this nor that, diminished in our similitude, but as men and women, fully alive. Resplendent in our sacred power, complete within ourselves and yet enriching the lives of others as we journey onward together. Without reclaiming the lost parts of ourselves projected and relinquished in the dance of the sexes we can never know who we truly are, forever beholden to another to reveal our very self to us. And yet, these two heavenly bodies remind us, we are beholden to another. To every other on this planet, with whom we interact each day as we contribute to and draw from the unified collective field of thought, feeling and emotion. Which is precisely why it is so vital that we commit to exploring gender afresh, to questioning who we think we are, who we believe others to be, and prepare to see the truth not the lies handed down from generation to generation. This radical reappraisal is a requirement of the Aquarian Age, emphasised now by Venus and Mars who relinquish their duality to return to One.

Sarah Varcas

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