10th – 13th September 2014: Clearing Space and Self

by Sarah on 04/09/2014


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Energetic House-Keeping


Sarah Varcas

In the wake of the Full Moon the Sun, Saturn and the North Node align to highlight the 20th degree of Libra. The Ancient Egyptians associated this zodiacal degree with incense burning on an altar, an image which speaks to an act of offering and worship, alongside purification and cleansing. With the heightened sensitivity of the Full Moon still with us a for a while, the notion of purification and cleansing is a helpful one, which is not to imply that we are somehow sullied and impure, only that clearing our energy field and environment can be a supportive and healing thing to do.

A few days back we were considering the value of small changes and the power of seemingly inconsequential acts to facilitate shifts. It would be worth returning to consider these things now, when a change in energy can carry us over the bumps of self-enquiry and awakening, into a calmer and more settled space. And it doesn’t have to be burning incense. We can all find that thing which clears the air for us and creates a calmer space. It might be opening a window, lighting the fire or a candle, having a good laugh, taking a long shower or even just changing our clothes! The energy which we both receive and emit can be influenced by so many things, the more we can understand how to positively influence it ourselves, the better.

This current planetary alignment is not in itself an ‘easy’ one, but it can be fruitful if we know what to do with it. It brings pearls of wisdom about the structure of the universe and the energetic nature of everything we encounter within it. Whilst there is truth in the statement that we attract what matches our energy field, it is also true to say that we attract what needs our energy field too, an altogether different dynamic. If, for example, we are in a generous and up-beat space, we may find we attract someone who takes advantage of our generosity for their own ends. If we are feeling peaceful we may attract someone who needs peace in their lives but who, in being attracted to our vibration brings an altogether different resonance to us. If we are sad and despairing we may attract someone in need of a reminder that their own success and satisfaction is not the end of the story as far as humanity goes. Much like a moth to a flame, energy is attracted to what it needs, not only to what it is. As a result we may find ourselves drawn towards those who offer something to support us and attract those who need something from us. These attractions are frequently unconscious. We aren’t drawn to someone because we see they’re more [add whatever quality you wish!] than we are. But we may find after a while that in their presence we are able to access that energy or quality more readily. In this way we all initiate each other into new vibrations, resonances and energy fields all the time, often without even realising!

However, it poses a challenge when what we attract in some way diminishes our own energy, perhaps through demands on our time and attention, or by using us as a receptacle for disowned aspects of another’s psyche. The interplay of energy in all manner of relationships is extremely complex and careful attention to its labyrinthine dynamics can be very beneficial if we want to maintain our own corner of the collective energy field as clear and free as possible. When sensitivities have been running high in the collective, we may well find that we are attracting all manner of energetic challenges towards us which become even more complex as they meet the challenges arising up out of us too! Finding ways to soothe and clear our own energy field, to bring us back into a state of balance, is vital and a priceless habit to develop. A habit which is strongly encouraged by the cosmos right now. So whatever works for you, do it! Not in a defensive, rejecting way, to cast out unwanted vibrations, but in such a way that whatever is drawn towards you or rises up from within you is soothed, balanced and brought into a state of healing. In doing this we are offering a gift to the collective unified energy field, for we are taking responsibility for the resonance of our own personal sphere and keeping our ‘energetic house’ in order, for the benefit of all!

Sarah Varcas

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