June 2016: Pluto Trining the Jupiter / North Node Conjunction

by Sarah on 07/06/2016


 Pluto in Capricorn, North Node in Virgo, Jupiter in Virgo, facing fear, knowing the mind, embracing the shadow, self-acceptance, self-determination


The Wisdom of Fear


Sarah Varcas

The current relationship between Pluto and the North Node (which continues until mid-October) comes as a great blessing. Now more than ever Pluto’s transformative power supports a positive manifestation of our collective destiny. In this motif we see the potential for change which consolidates progress even if, at first glance, there appears much cause for despair.

Throughout June the trine between Pluto and the North Node is further enhanced by a conjunction between the North Node and Jupiter, underscoring hope and countering narratives of doom. It is vital we discern carefully between that which may cause us to fear and those who gratuitously peddle it as a means of control. Fear is not our enemy but an indicator that a part of the self has become split off or denied. We fear not coping with the future because we have lost contact with our inner strength. We fear life will take a turn for the worse when we lose connection with hope. We fear the human race will destroy itself because we’ve lost a vision of our higher potential. Fear shows us where we must reconnect and why. It is our friend, guiding us through the forest of emotions. A powerful ally with gifts to share.

When viewed through the lens of wisdom and embraced with an open heart, fear is our teacher and healer, worthy of respect for the message it brings. Those who use it as a means of control can only succeed as long as we refuse to face it in ourselves. Once known intimately we can assess it, discern its true cause (which is rarely what we first thought!) and decide how best to proceed. Fear may be our greatest friend keeping us safe when self-protection is needed, or it may be our biggest obstacle keeping us scared and small when great courage is required to do what must be done. But without knowing it intimately we cannot discern the difference, nor can we decide what and who should be given the power to influence our lives.

As Pluto trines the North Node it invites us to embrace fear as simply another aspect of the human experience, not something to be avoided at all costs. Neither a sign of weakness nor a prophet of doom, fear reminds us we are growing and changing, stepping out in new ways, encountering things avoided, reaching beyond our comfort zone. It’s a natural response to the challenges we currently face and the possibilities that lie ahead. If we fear the experience of fear we cannot move through it and out the other side victorious. If we turn to face it, own and accept it, fear becomes the courage necessary to strengthen us anew.

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Sarah Varcas

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