9th – 15th September 2015: Chiron Opposing the Sun

by Sarah on 08/09/2015


 Sun in Virgo, Chiron in Pisces, integration, balancing the divine and the mundane, material and spiritual realms, embodied spirituality, planetary healing, personal healing


In Deep Intimacy With all Things


Sarah Varcas

This opposition bridges a divide in human consciousness long in need of healing, with the approaching solar eclipse enhancing its impact. In Virgo, the Sun seeks out the myriad tiny details that combine to create a whole. It pursues a perfection that feels close and yet out of reach. At times it mistakes precision for perfection, forgetting that the whole is formed also of those things which cannot be controlled, categorised or easily referenced: phenomena too complex or numinous for our minds to understand. Life is full of misunderstandings and surprises, ‘not quite rights’ and ‘not what I’d planned’. It’s easy to assume such occurrences are wrong: imperfections to be eradicated, solved or manipulated away. But this alignment warns against doing so, for through those cracks the light of wisdom shines through and the divine gently works its way into our lives.

Chiron in Pisces is deeply immersed in the complete opposite! Details? What are they?! Perfection? Pah!! Security? Meh…. Who needs it? Or perhaps it would be better put, who finds it? For it knows that true security is found only when we let go of the need to understand, shape and define this world, immersing ourselves in a more formless one. Whilst this Chiron seeks to heal division by dissolution into the sacred field of being, the Sun in Virgo seeks the completion of a puzzle that feels undone, a conundrum forever demanding deeper analysis. Neither is the ultimate answer, but in this alliance they can establish the middle ground which allows for both attention to detail and the dissolution of attention itself. Hence the divide they strive to bridge, between the mind which says life is to be analysed and understood, and the heart which says life is to be felt, embraced and embodied.

Both have something to teach the other. The Sun seeks control through order when in fact the ultimate perfection may be chaos itself. Chiron seeks healing through transcendence, when the material realm often requires the most sustained attention. Together they offer a complete path to awakening on which we can shift and shape our attitude as necessary: prepared to both embrace and deconstruct; to expose the roots here whilst transcending there; able to act when necessary and allow when needed. In accepting both ends of this spectrum each extreme is changed, matured, enabled to fulfil its potential rather than express itself only in a fractured and isolated form. The Virgoan search for perfection becomes an acceptance of the inherent perfection in all things no matter how the mind may judge; transcendence becomes a letting go of egoic identity that subverts pure intent, enabling action which serves the greatest good beyond self-interest and absorption.

These two planets tell a tale of humanity through the ages: its deification of understanding over intuition, of control over participation, of ‘me and mine’ over ‘you and yours’. It speaks of the fundamental split forged in the human psyche which says one way is right and the other wrong; that we must conform to a set of values or be damned; that equates questioning the norms with risking rejection. Together, the Sun and Chiron remind us that discernment is vital to healing this world, as is deep compassion and a willingness to look beyond mind-made assessments of worth. A balance must be struck between how we think and how we feel, not talking ourselves out of a compassionate response or allowing ourselves to be whipped up into an emotional frenzy when careful reflection is needed.

There is no off-the-peg awakening. It happens differently for each one of us and calls out different aspects of our nature for expression, challenge and transformation. If we’re resistant to certain experiences, that may well be where we need to turn the most, to open ourselves and embrace what we could only reject before. Life is not to be lived only from the head or driven solely by the heart, but steered by an alliance between the two which guides us into an awakening beyond them both, a deep, enduring intimacy with all things.

As the eclipse approaches and energies build, this alignment reminds us there are so many ways to live this life and walk this path. If we favour one above the other we limit our options in a complex world. Balance is needed to clear a middle path, on a journey that honours even imperfections as part of the sacred whole.

Sarah Varcas

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