9th / 10th December 2015 – 13th February 2016: Mercury in Capricorn

by Sarah on 08/12/2015


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Image: “Travelling Light on an Empty Plain” by Gary Rosenberg


Living Our Wisdom


Sarah Varcas

Mercury enters Capricorn at 2:35 a.m. UT on 10th December. Its visit is a relatively lengthy one on account of turning retrograde on 5th January, and is interrupted by one week in Aquarius from 2nd to 8th January. Mercury in Capricorn is pragmatic and straight-talking. It can’t be doing with niceties and small talk, preferring to be quiet if it has nothing useful to say, and to the point if it does! When Mercury travels through this earth sign we have the opportunity to deal effectively with practical communications, matters of law, finance and business, interactions that enable pragmatic progress and all things that promote clarity of thought and action. There’s no ‘fluff’ during this journey of Mercury, which means distractions will not be tolerated and vagueness has no place. This is a time for no-nonsense getting to grips with the demands of the everyday world in such a way that we are eventually freed up to focus on the things that really matter, rather than being distracted by all the other stuff that occupies our time.

Entering Capricorn just before Jupiter, Eris and the Sun form a large triangle across the heavens (from 11th to 17th December), Mercury clears mind-clutter to free up space for deeper understanding of the current energetic landscape. The Sun in Sagittarius keeps us buoyant and future-focused, while Jupiter in Virgo reminds us that a future worth creating is born of a considered present in which we pay attention to the nuances, careful not to overlook those things we may initially deem inconsequential: fleeting states of mind, what we do when no one’s looking, decisions avoided and intuitions overlooked. Eris in Aries, preparing for her conjunction to Uranus next year, is ready for anything and prepared to do whatever it takes to challenge the supremacy of the immature egoic mind which divides to rule and feeds off conflict to secure its base of power. The power in this alignment is undeniable and comes with the responsibility to use it well. Those who do will benefit from deeper insight into both the current dilemmas and challenges they face together with the path through confusion into wisdom. Mercury in Capricorn will then take the baton and run with the understanding gleaned, putting it into clear concepts that we can communicate to others and apply in our own lives.

The 19th & 20th December see Mercury conjunct Pluto halfway through Capricorn, squared by the Moon conjunct Uranus. An influential motif, it affirms that we awaken not only to the state of this world but also to the state of ourselves. To what makes us tick, the ways we deny or avoid aspects of who we inherently are, how well we understand our mind, manage our emotions and access our inner wisdom. To awaken to the world without awakening within is a recipe for despair, revealing a planet on the brink where we seem to be shaped by forces beyond our control. This perspective, whilst insightful about some things, leaves us helpless. To acknowledge the exterior, understand the interior and then apply that understanding to perceive, in new ways, the world and how we can reshape it: that is true awakening.

Mercury was last conjunct Pluto on 20th December 2014 and it may be useful to reflect on where we have travelled since then. Arrival anywhere is over-rated on the spiritual path, but reflecting upon the journey and absorbing every last drop of insight from it is food for the soul. Whenever Mercury travels through the same sign as Pluto significant insights are available: information that can change the course of the coming year. Our task is to stop, look and listen to ensure we receive it. And then act according to those insights, don’t just shelve them for use when it’s more convenient! Wisdom needs to be lived and breathed, not gathered like old books to collect dust on a shelf. Mercury’s journey through Capricorn reminds us just how precious insight is and how effective we can be when we breathe life into it and make it our very own.

Sarah Varcas

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