8th July 2013: Saturn turns direct at the New Moon

by Sarah on 08/07/2013


What We Need is What We Get!


Sarah Varcas

Today Saturn turns direct after nearly five months retrograde. It does so just a couple of hours prior to the New Moon, signalling the importance of this turn about and the need for us to take note! Here we have the opportunity to implement a fresh start. Having spent the past few months unearthing the subtle and not so subtle ways in which we deceive ourselves about life and how it unfolds around us, we now have a chance to try a new approach. One built on acceptance of what’s required to bring out qualities that would otherwise lie dormant within us.

Traditionally speaking Saturn has a fairly harsh reputation, sometimes referred to as a malefic, it has been seen as the harbinger of struggle and limitation, oppressing our life-force and restricting our opportunities. But this is far too simplistic an approach to take on someone as complex as Saturn, especially in this day and age when so much received wisdom is up for review and revision. In fact Saturn keeps us grounded and real, it holds us to account to ensure we’re ready for what’s to come. Saturn oversees our maturing, expecting ever more of us to ensure that we can receive ever more blessings in due course. Saturn wants the best for us, but knows that we need to be the best we can be in order to fully receive it. If stepping into our life purpose is going to entail bravery Saturn will teach us through facing all-consuming fear. If fulfilling our potential entails endurance and resolve Saturn will nail us to the floor every time we want to run away from life. If being all that we can be will necessitate non-judgemental acceptance of those who challenge our personal moral code, Saturn will give us plenty of opportunities to face our judgemental nature and rise above it. Wherever Saturn demands that we change and grow is where we need to be tougher and stronger, have more endurance, in order to step into the future that awaits us.

In the coming three months Saturn will be edging back towards the point it was at when it turned retrograde in February. During this time we would do well to pay attention to where we’re feeling Saturn’s demanding power. Where we feel we don’t have what it takes but know we need to keep going anyway; where we must endure situations that seem endless with no way out. Because it is in just such situations that Saturn is at work on us, sanding down our rough edges, teaching us humility, grace under fire and calm presence in the face of obstructions. These are all qualities that Saturn wants overflowing from us, so that no matter what life throws in our direction we remain resolved to work towards that which serves the greater good,  the bigger picture and the fullest expression of who we truly are.

At the end of these three months we have a couple of eclipses and the next exact Uranus/Pluto square to shift us along into the next phase of Saturn’s work programme! The qualities we’ve been developing will come into their own as we step up to a new level of activity and self-expression. We will begin to recognise the blessings that Saturn has bestowed upon us in its own stern and demanding way, and in that recognition we will feel gratitude for all that has gone before and the part it’s had to play in the unfolding of what’s to come.

Love to everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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