5th November 2013 to 5th March 2014: Venus in Capricorn

by Sarah on 05/11/2013


Kitchen Sink Enlightenment


Sarah Varcas

Today Venus enters Capricorn where she remains for four months due to a retrograde phase in December/January. In the last of the earth signs, Venus encourages us to find pleasure and comfort in the very fabric of everyday life, not seeking to escape it for some rarefied experience elsewhere. She reveals to us the pleasing ‘hum’ of a life lived well, with integrity, awareness and commitment. She points to the need to focus on what we have and make out of it the greatest thing of beauty that we can, not seeking the perfect life elsewhere which merely highlights the ‘flaws’ of this one.

As she enters the sign of the mountain goat, her sextile to Neptune reminds us that the most spiritual and profound experiences are available to us in the familiarity of everyday life as much, if not more, than in the angelic realms of light and peace. For whilst we may choose to visit there to ‘refuel’, if the fuel cannot sustain us in the rough and tumble of the world at large we will be forever seeking escape from the very existence into which we have been born.

Venus in Capricorn reminds us that nothing lacks purpose. Even the most trivial of tasks can be the one in which we awaken. As the Zen saying goes: ‘Before enlightenment: chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment: chop wood, carry water’. If we consider the conditions of our daily lives as somehow not ‘spiritual’ enough we deny ourselves direct experience of truth in the vast majority of our waking moments. We divorce ourselves from it and therefore from our very essence, believing it to reside elsewhere while we trudge through our day waiting for the rare moment that we can gaze into another possibility which feels so far from our grasp.

This is a ‘no nonsense’ Venus and she’s with us for quite a while now. She has little time for fantasy or imaginings. She deals with the realities of everyday life and finds her pleasure there: in a job well done, a commitment kept, a willingness to bear with troubles rather than side step them. Her comfort comes in the form of a quiet knowing that we have lived our day with integrity and kept our feet on the ground, no matter what challenges arose. Today she extends an invitation to join her in the rough and tumble of the human realm; to roll our sleeves up, get our hands dirty and commit ourselves to this moment here and now, with a heart open to the fact that this is where we awaken, not elsewhere in another realm.

Here, in the present – you and me – waking up with our hands in the kitchen sink. Now that’s what makes this particular Venus very happy indeed!

Love to everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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