5th August 2013: Truth & Dare

by Sarah on 05/08/2013


A Sacred Obligation


Sarah Varcas

Deep within the fabric of our lives, woven from its twists and turns, challenges and blessings, shocks and surprises, rests a sacred obligation often overlooked: an obligation to truth which trumps every responsibility we carry and commitment we undertake. Today the heavens highlight this obligation and pose the question: How do we intend to honour it in the coming weeks?

When faced with such a question we may find ourselves side-stepping the real issue to justify why we can’t honour the full truth or live with complete integrity and authenticity. We may not articulate these reasons explicitly, but somehow, at an unspoken level, we can rest in the knowledge that we have good reason to go only so far on the road of truth and no further. Perhaps we don’t want to hurt those we love, or we fear those who have power over us. Perhaps we’re uncertain of our truth so feel inadequate to communicate it to others, even though we know the life we live is not it. Maybe we fear the truth itself, knowing that acknowledging it would necessitate earth-shattering changes in our lives which we daren’t contemplate right now, if ever. Whatever our reasons or motivation, truth and its expression is often a source of ambivalence at best and denial at worse.

But still there exists this obligation to honour it, beating like a heart at the centre of each one of us. Like any pulse it varies in speed and intensity depending on the degree of stress placed upon it. At times it may be so faint we can barely hear it and at others it pounds in our ears drowning out all other noise in its attempt to be heard.  Incarnation in this human realm necessitates we get to grips with truth and its complexities, and once we step onto any path of spiritual-enquiry we must be prepared to face its many layers and leave each one behind as we uncover yet another.

In the coming weeks we will be challenged to fulfil this obligation more and more fully as we journey into our future. Inauthenticity, avoidance, denial and deceit, none of these will cut the mustard as we strive to embody a fuller expression of who we are and the life we must lead. Our obligation to truth is growing in strength and increasing in intensity. Can you feel it? The stronger it pounds upon the door of our consciousness the less time we have to get to grips with its implications before it comes bursting through. Because burst it will, in due course. Nothing insincere or inauthentic, deceptive or untrustworthy will survive these times of upheaval and change. Everything is being drawn towards the light of consciousness, no matter how disruptive it may appear once illuminated by it. We cannot resist this process. Indeed, we are obliged to take our part in it. It’s what we’re here for, like it or not.

So as we embark on a new week, with a New Moon arriving tomorrow, the heavens throw down the gauntlet, challenging us to meet our sacred obligation and embrace our truth whatever it may entail, because in the long run truth means freedom and freedom is what we came here for, before the fear set in…

Love to everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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