4th May 2013: Sacred Chores

by Sarah on 04/05/2013


Sacred Chores and Healing Pleasures


Sarah Varcas


There’s an interesting state of balance developing in the heavens today. They actually speak of extremes, but the extremes are met with exactly what they need to bring them into a productive state of equilibrium. If you have plans to get things done this weekend, and like me, are drawing up a long ‘to do’ list, the cosmos is on your side!

Saturn, Uranus and Mars join forces for the next couple of days, creating a state of tension which could be quite unpleasant and over-stimulating if it weren’t for Chiron and Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn providing a more positive and creative way to manage these energies. We may find ourselves feeling hemmed in at first, by that ‘too much to do and not enough time’ feeling. However, the illusory nature of this feeling is revealed by an on-going Great Sextile which allows for creative juices to flow and the healing power of pleasure to influence the course of events this weekend.

We don’t often hear about the healing power of pleasure. We certainly hear lots about healing, and a fair bit about pleasure, but the capacity for pleasure to bring about fundamental, even cellular change, is often over-looked. However, we mustn’t overlook it this weekend because the cosmos is geared up for exactly this type of healing, no matter how ‘unpleasurable’ a great long ‘to do’ list may appear!

So here’s the advice: If you have loads to do, resolve to do it. That’s fine. But resolve to do it in a pleasurable way, whatever it is, no matter how uninspiring a task it may be. Our challenge now is to find the fun in the mundane and ordinary aspects of life, and the healing in the everyday world that we so often overlook in our rush to get to ‘the spiritual’. There is nothing more spiritual than the everyday, and nothing more everyday than the spiritual. The God/dess Force, the Divine, Life with a capital ‘L’, it doesn’t exist only in some rarefied state that we have to meditate for years to reach. It’s here right now, in every moment, whether we’re doing the washing up, cleaning the toilet or driving to work. We dishonour it by seeking it outside of the everyday, rendering it an outcast from most of our waking lives.

So this weekend we’re invited by the Divine itself to recognise it in every moment, every task, every person we meet or pass on the street. And we’re reminded that believing in the apparent drudgery of everyday life can be the very thing that separates us from the Truth. Releasing this belief and recognising the sacredness in the ordinary enables us to also find the lightness of heart that can bring us pleasure, and with it healing. We no longer need to believe the lie that God/dess is out there, separate from us, something to be wooed and manipulated with good behaviour. Now we can proclaim the truth: that the Divine is everywhere, within and without, closer than our very breath. We cannot be separated from our deepest essence, no matter how many chores await us. So it’s time to get on with them, knowing that in doing so we are communing with the most powerful and healing forces in the universe. And for that we should be extremely glad!

Enjoy your day!

Sarah Varcas

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