4th June: Moon in Taurus & Its Cosmic Colleagues

by Sarah on 04/06/2013


Treasures in the Basement


Sarah Varcas

This afternoon (15:55 GMT) the Moon enters Taurus for two and a half days. Generally speaking a Taurus Moon is seen as fairly stubborn and uncomfortable with change, but this particular Moon has a whole other quality to it thanks to an alliance with Mars, Saturn and Venus. Yes it still radiates a solid, earthy quality, but there’s more flexibility in there and an ability to shift the focus of that practical earthiness as necessary, making it an efficient and productive Moon.

Mars in Gemini has a particular influence here, enabling us to skim the surface of life when necessary without getting too deeply drawn into things until a priority comes along, at which point Saturn in Scorpio takes over to get to the bottom of something and deal with it fully, leaving no stone unturned. Once done, Venus in Cancer pats us on the back, encouraging us to bask in that pleasant feeling of a job well done, before the cycle begins again. And all the while the Taurus Moon underpins this process, reminding us that commitment and dedication to dealing with the stuff of life rather than avoiding or denying it is, in the long run, the only way to make any kind of progress worth having.

At the same time Neptune in Pisces reminds us that the everyday concerns of our lives can sometimes become a distraction from something greater and more vital to our existence. It’s all a matter of balance: a recognition that, yes, there are a number of things we must continue to juggle effectively in our lives, but there are usually a few we can just let go and release. Sometimes keeping all the balls in the air becomes a habit rather than a necessity, preventing us from picking up something new which has the potential to revitalise our everyday experience and introduce an element of surprise and delight into our lives.

Throughout this month we will be encouraged to clear out the old and stale aspects of our lives to make way for the new. But in the next few days this encouragement has a particular urgency about it, exhorting us to clear out the cobwebs and dank, dusty corners of our minds, hearts and lives to let some daylight in. When we do this who knows what we’ll find? It’s often in clearing out a junk-filled basement that we discover an old family treasure covered in dust and unrecognisable until it’s cleaned up and polished. We have just such treasures within us, hidden in the shadows, never seeing the light of day. It could be an interest we can never find the time to pursue, a talent we’ve not indulged for a long time, an old friendship we’d love to rekindle.

This week the cosmos supports us in clearing out the old to find the bits we want to keep and nurture. It reminds us that time and energy are precious commodities, and the more we respect their value the more of them we will have at our disposal, until we recognise that time and energy invested in the things that bring us joy will forever bless us with yet more of the same: more time, more energy, more joy.

May it be so!

Love to everyone,

Sarah Varcas

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