4th December 2013: Preparing for Mars in Libra

by Sarah on 04/12/2013

remove your shoes

Barefoot Freedom


Sarah Varcas


At present Uranus and Chiron team up with the North Node and Pluto to share some wisdom about our current process. They encourage us to invest our energy not in trying to understand what’s happening and why, how we can best deal with the challenges we face or capitalise upon the blessings, but in directly experiencing the moment and all it brings to us, ‘good’, ‘bad’ and indifferent! They ask us to step out of our minds for a while and just be there, awake, present and attentive to the energy of now, how it feels in our body, the impressions we receive through our senses, what we see, hear, feel, smell and know without knowing.

For those experiencing an inner unrest, the heavens remind us that the discomfort we feel is akin to wearing shoes we have outgrown. As we try to squeeze our feet into them for one more day and hobble around our everyday lives, we deny ourselves the experience of freedom which being able to walk pain-free provides. We are removing the possibility of running and jumping, reacting to life as it happens in the moment, dancing and playing, because we’re too preoccupied with avoiding the pain of those ill-fitting shoes. And no amount of analysis is going to ease our poor old feet until we take those shoes off! We can understand all we like about the problem, the size difference between our feet and the shoes, the injuries they’ve caused and the best treatment for them, but it’s the shoes that need to go and, quite frankly, it only takes a moment to take off your shoes and chuck them away!

Today, and in the coming days, the heavens encourage us to stop thinking, start feeling, locate the tight shoes and then get rid. Even if we have to go barefoot for a while. Barefoot is good! It puts us in touch with the Earth, the ground, with the heartbeat of our Sacred Mother. We don’t have to replace the shoes if we don’t want to, but we do need to remove them and give our feet a break!

As this year begins to approach its end the heavens encourage us to identify the root cause of our suffering not the details of it. They remind us that collectively the issue is the same: we keep ourselves small by identifying with the wrong things. We identify with fear and let it control us. We identify with particular aspects of our lives and let them define us. We identify with our past and let it imprison us. We keep on squeezing our feet into those ridiculously tiny shoes and then wonder why we feel so much pain and can’t move forward. The truth is, those shoes aren’t taking us anywhere and until they’re gone we’re stuck, no matter how well we can understand what keeps us that way!

So, ‘enough with the theorising!’ is the message today. It’s time to gather ourselves up into this present moment with all its sensations and feelings, sense impressions and stimulation. We need to be present here and now to end the pain. And in doing so we can help end that of others who we’ve also forced into ill-fitting shoes in the belief that it’s safer that way. Because with Mars soon to enter Libra for a lengthy stay, we will all need healthy pain-free spiritual feet to do the dance of inner and outer relationship, and we may as well start now, with a few steps of freedom and a resolution to step out of confinement today.

Have a good day everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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