29th April – 2nd May 2015: The Sun, Neptune and the North Node form a Yod

by Sarah on 28/04/2015


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Spirit Made Flesh


Sarah Varcas

The month comes to a close with an important message about the immediate future. This Yod (think of a triangle shaped like a traditional witch’s hat, with the Sun and Neptune at the base and the North Node at the point) offers sage advice for the coming month: balance is paramount, a vital quality to nourish and nurture in every aspect of our lives. As is an ever-deepening appreciation of our unity with each other, our beautiful Mother Earth and all beings everywhere. Honouring our inter-dependence was never more vital than it is now. Seeing ourselves in the face of another, their pain in our heart and our life coursing through their veins requires a grounded but expansive awareness which turns away from nothing, receiving all things as self.

The past few years have been an intensely personal time for many. With heads down and hearts under scrutiny we have navigated personal challenges, traumas and triumphs edging ever deeper into the Real Self as we did so. As the energies now shift into a different key it is time to look up and around, to connect with our environment, the people beyond our front door, the wide world in all its wondrous glory and shocking horror. This evolutionary journey is not simply about us, you and me waking up and securing a better life as a result. It is about this planet, all beings upon her, all forms of life throughout the cosmos and beyond. It is about renewal at all levels in all things. We cannot play our part without recognising that the canvass upon which our future is painted is in fact a vast mural of colours, shapes and textures to which a contribution is made by all things everywhere.

Our dearest Mother, the planet upon which we live and whirl through space, calls to us now. She has served us so well, meeting our needs, supporting our lives, feeding and nourishing us throughout history. In payment we, the human race, have harmed and abused her, exploited and depleted her, demanding endless satisfaction not of needs but desires, born of a growing disconnection with our place in the order of things. It is time to reconnect, to fully claim our physicality and its source, Mother Earth. To pursue evolution that removes us from this plane is to betray our protector who has given so much to keep us here. We are spirit and flesh, body and soul. A balance between these two states of being is vital for the next stage of our journey. We did not receive a body by some creational mishap. It is ours to nourish and love, to honour and respect. If we cannot do that for our own physical form we may never find a way to honour our Mother upon whom we all depend for survival.

The heavens now speak of spirit made flesh, cosmic energy earthed through the physical form. This is what we are here to be. We are channels of grace, plugged in to a circuit of universal energy which we conduct from above to below and from below to above in a continual circuit of becoming. We both give to and receive from this beautiful planet, with every step upon her, every mouthful of food, each breath we take, every beat of our heart. We are in constant communion with all of life and knowing this communion – entering it deeply, seeking intimacy with all things – is the path to awakening in the coming months. It is time to look up and around, to see the world as it is, knowing we are one being, this diverse and complex human race; one being with all species, with Mother Nature, with All That Is, seen and unseen.

There is no escape from being what we are. Nor should there be. We are what we are and the cosmos both near and far needs us to be it with a deep sense of purpose and unshakeable commitment. Balance is essential, between spirit and matter, the mind and the heart. Between you and me and everything else which shares this planet we call home. Our destinies are not separate moments in time and space but shared outcomes of combined choices. We each hold in our hands the well-being of the other alongside our own. We can no longer look only at our own life to measure ‘progress’, but instead must look around and afar, to ascertain our next step, our necessary priorities, the required orientation of our inner journey as we encounter it through the external world.

All things are interconnected. There is no separation when it comes to symbiosis and we are symbiotic with this planet, her inhabitants, the cosmos and beyond. Nothing exists in isolation, nor can it. Most importantly nor can we. Embracing the mystery of what it means to be separate and yet connected, united and yet individual is the path to balance and rejuvenation now, both collective and personal. As this month comes to a close the heavens point to the ground beneath our feet and the wide world all around. They reveal our reflection everywhere, as all of life becomes our true and ever present home.

Sarah Varcas

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