29th – 31st January 2015: Mercury Retrograde Conjunct the Sun

by Sarah on 28/01/2015


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Image: “Under Her Star” by Gary Rosenberg


Dancing Ourselves Still


Sarah Varcas

Mercury’s alliance with the Sun brings us inspiration but we must quiet our internal dialogue to hear it. Often we are simply too loud on the inside to recognise the sweet stirring of spirit, the whispers of the sacred as it engulfs us. Instead we hear only the endless judgements, self-criticism and meaningless inner commentary that accompanies our day! As this month comes to a close we are encouraged to listen in a different way – to the gentle nuances of intuition; the fiery certainty of a heart inspired; to the careful guidance of mind in service to the heart and not the other way around.

There is great wisdom available now. Mercury retrograde’s exhortation to drop labels and release identity comes into its own, for we can only hear the sacred speak unfettered aside from the limitations of who we believe ourselves to be. When we can sit in the presence of our true self, our pure essence, we don’t need to be or do anything. Our attention can rest in the presence of the divine. It doesn’t need stimulation or excitement, certainty or security. We can simply be and as we do so we allow a knowing to arise which surpasses all knowledge we may gather elsewhere. This knowing speaks not in words but in energy. We feel its presence, its wisdom, as deep inner peace, sensations of limitlessness, expansion, liberation from all that fetters. And within these experiences we encounter abiding wisdom. Not spiritual platitudes or the latest meme, but wisdom as old as the earth, as timeless as infinity. We touch the very source of all that is, the very point of creation from which flows all energy, every vibration received upon this planet and every other throughout time and space.

This planetary tete-a-tete forms a focal point in the Mercury retrograde cycle and offers a chance for us to listen closely to our self-talk before releasing it in favour of more meaningful communication. Self-criticism and self-doubt can block openness to our own awakening. We question too much and fail to recognise the sweet voice of the divine within calling us home. Then when we do hear it we doubt that too, wondering if we’re just hearing what we want to hear. The mind can be a crafty rascal and sometimes we must be very firm to keep it in its place. Now is such a time, for the wisdom currently resonating throughout the cosmos is deep and wide, powerfully transformative and endlessly liberating, commensurate only to the extent we allow it into our hearts.

One of the mistaken assumptions people make about astrology is that things will simply happen according to the alignments at the time. Inner change will occur, freedom will open up, or things will go wrong and there’s nothing you can do about it. None of this is true. We are part of the cosmos not victims of it!! We each have a role to play, volition to apply. We can each change the course of events in our own and other people’s lives and we can work with the heavens to do this in the best possible way. But if we sit back and choose to do nothing, waiting for some external force to bring about our desired change, then opportunities will pass us by and we will be forever out of step with the universe. Astrology teaches timing and invites us into an infinite dance of possibility, but we must be prepared to get up off of our seat and step onto the dance floor!

So it is now. The wisdom offered is available in the silence of a still and quieted heart. We must settle into that inner silence to receive it. It won’t be delivered through our letterbox while we race around juggling a million things in our busy life! And it may not tell us what we expect to hear. We may even question its authenticity. But in the silence we can do that and know that even our questions, when born of a still mind, will be met with answers which illuminate the path ahead. The universe wants to work with us, not take responsibility for our lives while we simply wait for it all to fall into place. As January comes to a close we have the perfect opportunity to signal our readiness to play our part and dance our own steps. As we do that the cosmos rejoices and ups its game to meet us!

Sarah Varcas

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