28th September 2019 18:28 UT: New moon in 6th degree of Libra

by Sarah on 20/09/2019




Completing the Puzzle


Sarah Varcas

This new moon alerts us to something we’ve overlooked. It may be that we’ve lost touch with an inner knowing that’s been trying to course-correct us for a while now. Or we may have missed an opportunity to recalibrate a significant relationship and move things in a more constructive direction. Whatever the details of our personal scenario, if something is missing in our appraisal of a situation quiet reflection at this moon can help us identify and act upon it.

Saturn and Chiron encourage us to dig deeper on this issue than we may at first feel inclined. We’re not talking something obvious here, otherwise we’d have spotted it already! Indeed, the most important piece of the puzzle is often the bit that got swept under the sofa in an over-zealous moment of cleaning up. It’s nearby but hidden. We’re oblivious to its presence but it’s vital to a satisfactory outcome. And its very absence makes it the most important piece. As the jig-saw nears completion its value increases commensurately. Nothing is more irritatingly dissatisfying than a puzzle with one piece missing, never to fill its space and create a satisfying whole. Thankfully we now have an opportunity to save ourselves such frustration and find this lost but precious link.

This new moon speaks of a gap to be filled, a possibility as yet unrealised or a connection in our lives which could benefit greatly from discovering this missing piece. In Libra, it’s most likely a connection with someone else, but all relationships begin with ourselves and it may just be our inner relationship in need of recalibration. With Saturn moving forward once more, what we discover may help clarify issues which arose in April when it stationed retrograde. Doing so could liberate us in ways unimaginable from where we currently stand, so digging deep at this new moon is well worth the effort!

Sarah Varcas

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